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Quite a balanced article

I'm amazed he's still alive.

Perhaps if the police did their jobs, then it wouldn't be left to 'vigilantes.' (I don't really agree with his approach, but then I'm not sure why we should hold drivers to such a low standard, and I didn't realise his father had been killed by a drunk driver.)

For reasons, we drove the merry highways of Surrey and Kent every day over the holidays. Saw no shortage of atrocious driving. In seven days over the Christmas period we saw precisely zero police officers. I think we've given up on road policing beyond the occasional speed camera.

I did realise his father had been killed by a drunk driver but didn't realise he'd seen the crash scene, with his dead dad covered by a blanket.

I don't think that trauma ever leaves you. For myself, I've had a thing about drunk drivers since my aunt was killed by one just before I turned three. A young adult witness is hardly the same as a toddler who is told these things she hasn't seen though.

I doubt Wendy would bother recording & reporting if he wasn't experiencing dangerous motorist behaviour in a well-policed city.

Every day.

Mike is a good personal friend. Straying from the standard is the least of my worries.


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