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Oiks shouting stuff at cyclists

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What is it about riding a bicycle that makes something fire in oiks brains that makes them hurl abuse / pass comment on sed cyclist. It is like triggering a sub-set of tourettes which makes them shout the first thing that comes into their squitty little brains.

Last night on the way home:

"Oi mate! Your wheels are going round!"

wff ???

I've also had:



"Oi mate! I f*cked your mum!"

"Get a car!"

"Gizza go mate!"

Chris S:
Another good reason to ride with an MP3 player blasting away.

I've also had:

"Oi - that's my bike!"

"Get a life" (This from a completely pi$$ed snoutcast outside a pub)

"Can't afford a car?" (I have two)

"Waaaaaaaaa" whilst mooning at me in the middle of the street. Tch... East Dereham  ::-) Nuff said.

It's better than watching telly!

Because you're different to them - you have a problem with that?

Chav with Chavet in village to Tuggo.
 "Oy mate your...etc..."
Tuggo pulls over to respond to Chavet.
 "Do you know your boyfriend and I had penetrative sex only last week in the back of 'that' ladies shopping car..."
Rides off to a stunned silence...


--- Quote from: Chris S on 20 April, 2008, 08:06:38 pm ---I've also had:

"Oi - that's my bike!"
--- End quote ---

Me too - shortly before then being chased by the shouters, who, when I reported it to the police the next day, had previously kicked another cyclist unconscious. :-\


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