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Saw this today whilst out near Hungerford.
I have not seen them working yet so can't vouch for their effectiveness at night, but they look different in the day.

Has anyone else noticed them in action?

They are quite raised - like a small half tennis ball in size.

They are lethal to cyclists and motorcyclists - especially in the wet.

When driving the fact the LED flickers means you drive towards a set of strobe lines.  (It may be my eyes are as sensitive as my hearing, not everybody sees LEDs as a rapid strobe light)

Without wanting to seem negative  ;)
I don't like them.
I'm surprised epileptic drivers don't get fits.
I can't believe they got type approved.

What's wrong with the old fashioned reliable glass cats eye as was invented back in the war?   They light up perfectly (if you've got your lights on), deform to provide a flat surface to ride over, wipe the glass eye clean as they come back up! (How many people knew about the wiper?)

When  the section of the A61 through Chesterfield was resurfaced a few years ago, these were installed in place of cateyes and the usual rectangular edge markers.
From a cyclists point of view, they are NOT GOODtm. They are very slippery and cause your wheel to jump sideways if you hit them. They are marginally worse than the old cateyes. Fortunately, cateyes are usually only used in the center of the road and not on the edge. These things are being used on the edge!
From a visibility point of view, they are no better than the rectangular reflectors or cateyes.
They are also much more fragile than cateyes. After about 2 years of use, a good number have been destroyed or chipped. Many more have become grubby and coated in dirt. If they become chipped, dirty or crazed, their visibility dies but they remain a hazard.
All in all, a poor idea IMHO...

I first noticed them on the A12 at Witham after they re-built it a couple (?) of years ago. Can't really say I take much notice of them now after seeing them ever night.
They look good if you drive with your lights off though  ;) just like landing light  ;D


Are they just glued on the surface?  I suspect the old catseyes have fallen out of favour, since they need a hole in the road, which probably makes them relatively expensive to install.  A lot of the newer reflectors are just glued on the surface, which isn't as resilient to the abuse of being driven over, but is probably a lot cheaper.


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