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a man in a foreign registered small white car-derived van pulled alongside me and wound down his window.  My 'spidey sense' was not tingling so I listened when he said "Your rear light is the most effective I have ever seen.  Well done".
The power of Dinotte.  ;D

Excellent! I was only today telling my colleague about the time I pulled up next to a man inna Volvo, gestured for him to wind his window down (smile on my face, to signal I wasn't going to be an arse). He put his window down and before I could speak, came out with "whatthefuckdoyouwantfuckingcyclistcuntallfuckingthesameiwasntevennearyou before putting his window up and giving me the finger. Indeed, he had given me plenty of room and overtaken at a sensible point and speed, however, it was pissing with rain an he had shut the bottom of his overcoat in the door, subject to all the crap off the roads that his front tyre kicked up.

The embarrasment on his face was well worth me shouting to him why I had stopped  ;D

On my commute today: I deported much later than usual and knew I'd be with alot more other traffic than usual. The first set of traffic lights, at cross roads were not working. I rode up the RH side of the queue to the front as usual and gingerly started to make my right turn. A van was approaching from my left to turn right into the road I'd just come from. I spied a car behind him. I hovered in front of the van waiting for the car to pass. We made eye contact he passed and waved in acknowledgment  :thumbsup: At the bottom of the hill I got to the front at the lights, timed my arrival so I could do a  3 second trackstand then crossed to join the almost stationary queue. Got to the RH side of it and rode all the way to the roundabout, about 1 mile. Hovered then merged in to the traffic on the roundabout, another car let me in  :thumbsup: Pass the main bottleneck then time to move left to make my exit. A car had entered and was on my left, I was turning right so had to move from the inside lane. Strong clear signal, deliberate move, car didn't change speed,let me in front, MSeries exits with thumbs up and wave of thanks to driver  :thumbsup:.

You're hallucinating, lad!  Go have a lie down in a darkened room... ;D

I had to leave an hour earlier today due to a day trip on work purposes.  The journey started in darkness but the lack of cars was excellent.  I may just make this 'my time' to leave from now on. 

I had a head wind to work and a lesser head wind on the way home.  That is annoying.


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