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The "have you been knocked off" poll

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Once, 34 years ago, on my way home from my first 'proper' job on y first ever new bike which I'd bought with wages from said job. Dusk, my lights on, approaching a side road on the left, driver comes up to give way line, slows but doesn't stop, I avoid to the right thinking he'd seen me, he hadn't and pulled out, spinning me round so I ended up on my left side under the front of his carwaiting for him to drive over me. Retired couple, he was shocked by it, I was mega-p155ed as it was my first ever new bike! He paid for all of the repairs without quibble.

Just had a narrow escape riding back from the supermarket.  Driver of van/minibus with the logo of a local school, Bridgwater College Academy.  I've emailed the Headmistress with a formal complaint, part of which said:

"I was cycling a heavily laden bicycle (having been shopping at Sainsbury's) and was approaching the traffic lights at this junction which were red.  In accordance with the Highway Code, I rode, in a clear, wide space, passing your vehicle on the right and stopping on the right at the Advanced Stop Line until the lights changed.

As the lights went to AMBER, your driver started blowing his horn continually to try to force me to move off.  I waited until  the lights changed to GREEN at which point, as I moved off,  blowing his horn repeatedly, your driver pulled away on the inside as I was turning right into Wylds Road and then pulled straight across in front of me in order to turn right himself. "

Looking forward to  a positive response - otherwise will be talking to Old Bill and local rag. 

Must buy a camera!

Any response?


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