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The "have you been knocked off" poll

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Apart from an incident about seven years ago, all my offs have been self-inflicted: just me and the road (or some oil, or a pothole, or a tramline, etc), so I don't think they can be included in the poll.

No, this is not the Darwin Award nomination process  ;)

Miles?  I don't think in miles.  2001, Bristol, taxi driver on a roundabout, his fault.  Here: OpenStreetMap

Weather bright and overcast.  Me in Army surplus tat, no spangly special kit of any sort, onna lilac Kirk.  Him with a pair of arguing passengers going at it like only a married African couple can, didn't look.  I know he didn't look because I saw him look as I screamed like a girl.  

Road's not one cyclists use much because it's heavily-trafficked and multi-lane.  It was a quiet day (Sunday morning? It felt like one. Something like that anyway).  He just assumed and made an ass out of my back wheel and the illusion that I'd yell like a proper mountain man when emperiled.

I've absolutely no idea.  I don't have clue how many miles I cycle in any particular year.
About 7 years, I think.

erm.. *thinks*

Hmm, I've voted much too low.
Roger, could you take my vote out of of the 10 - 20 and put it in the 20 - 30, please?


--- Quote from: rogerzilla on 24 April, 2010, 09:07:43 pm ---It's a bit  :o so far.  Please complete the survey even if you're in the "never happened" category - the trouble with these polls is that they're a bit self-selecting.

--- End quote ---

Not so sure.  After all, if you did a similar poll for car scrapes, you'd get large numbers as well.  I've had scarier things happen in the car (and the plane now I think about it).


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