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Suggestions for my Commute through Streatham


My new commute takes me across the A23 (Streatham High Road) A214 (Tooting Bec Road) junction (Bikely map here).  I'm mainly going this way to avoid the A23/A205 junction, but it also cuts the corner a bit and shortens the route.

Coming up to the junction along Tooting Bec Gardens is a bit lethal, since you need to be in the middle lane of three to get where you want to be.  The reverse route approaching Garrad's Road from Ambleside Avenue is almost as bad.

Has anyone got a suggestion on how to avoid this junction ?  Every route I can see seems to end up with crossing a major road in a not very nice manner.  At least at this junction the traffic is slowed down by the traffic lights.

I used to live on the corner of Streatham High Rd/Greyhound Ln. Going into London I'd head up the A23, then turn left down Drewstead Rd just before Streatham Hill Stn, along Sternhold Ave, round the common to Emmanuel Rd and then Cavendish Rd.

Coming back out of London I'd follow the LCN route (I think it's route 5, this was in 2006 so my memory/the route may have changed): Garrads road, across the junction and over the pavement to Riggindale Rd and down to the end of Conyer's Rd, down the alley under the railway onto Estreham Road.


I ride from Streatham Common to South Ken every day.
I've had plenty of time to play with various routes and would suggest this one:

If you look at the shared routes section under my name, you should find a few variants on it.

Coming from where you are in Norbury I'd cut off the main road entirely and come along Ellison Road all the way up to Streatham Common Station. There's a bike underpass between Estreham Road and Conyer's Road and a counter current straight on across Mitcham Lane so you can use Riggindale Road to get to Tooting Bec Road. Ignore the signs for route 5 and go straight on up the footpath to Tooting Bec Road (naughty) and hop onto the road there.

Then either whip down through Tooting Bec and rejoin your route by hanging a right onto the cycle path past the tennis courts to go through the far side of the common, or make a right turn along Dr Johson Avenue and then just go straight on via Manville Road and Ritherdon Road to join Balham High Road at the traffic lights. This is a nice fast open stretch of road.

I've played and played with routes and this is the one with the least amount of traffic and the best road conditions.


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