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I can no longer contribute to the "Commute" thread as I don't have a job to necessitate a commute and the school run is a bit over cycling distance (6000 miles according to Google - and a lot of ocean). But I haven't abandoned the bike. And I haven't lost the desire to share my tales of the road. However, I am reduced to reporting "utility" rides.

Today, I saw rain approaching and decided not to go shopping in town but to nip to the village and just buy milk instead. Wise choice as it started hammering down as I arrived home. Nothing of interest to report bar heavier traffic than one would expect at 1000. I suspect a main road is blocked/closed/slow somewhere and people are rat running.

Distance: 1 mile (total!)

Feel free to add utility ride reports. I'm not expecting many!

After years of commuting I'm in the same boat. My rides are generally around Richmond Park just to keep myself in trim and the opportunity for auto-numptiness to be displayed is close to zero on my route there, back and around and around.

I do utility rides whenever I can though. Last one was Friday to Earlsfield to get some leccy bits. I'd forgotten what it's like to have cars randomly pull out in front of you, or pull alongside and then drift into your space with the full expectation that I will simply evaporate. I've sort of been missing that.

Total miles for that one - 10.

Cycled to the Beach retail centre on Sunday to get some cat food. I was going to drive and pick up some cat litter (not urgent) at the same time but I'm glad I didn't - traffic mayhem  :hand: 6.3km  :thumbsup:

I don't go to the mothership very often, so most of my cycling is utilitarian, either to meetings in Londontown, or on sundry errands or adventures. I often find it a bit sad that I'm in a minority amongst the cars for those sorts of journeys. But then I remember that I'm not the one stuck in a line of traffic with a frustrated scowl untidily plastered across my face.

Does the pub trip count as utility or commuting?


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