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Re: How much is (cycle) camping these days?
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I need to put up the bill for our camp last friday. Two people, two tents and croissants delivered to our site in the morning by the site manager 19.60€. I left him the 40c change. A lovely bloke and a very nice site for those who don't demand all entertainment supplied pre-canned (here you make your own; sad that petanque boules weigh too much to cart around cycle-camping). Camping Le Penfaut, St Vincent sur Oust, Morbihan (Brittany), for those cycling the Brest-Nantes canal.
They also have a marquee with benches and tables and a shed with gas stove, microwave and fridge alongside for the lightweight campers. We were glad of that on the saturday morning, breakfasting while it rained!

Re: How much is (cycle) camping these days?
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Cycled from Dieppe to Marseille last September. Cheapest site less than 6 euro (municipal site on EV3). Most expensive 30 euro (commercial site on the Med coast). Guess which one was nicer?

Re: How much is (cycle) camping these days?
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Recent experience in France. Municipal sites 6-9 Euros. Commercial sites 14-20 Euros. 20 Euro site was on the coast and I had probably ventured into the high season.

Re: How much is (cycle) camping these days?
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Paid £11.50 in Kirkwall. That had good clean toilets and showers, and a kitchen and lounge. Nice for sitting around if its wet and windy.

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Campsite prices from my recent LEJOG. I kept a note specifically for this thread  :)

None prebooked. Selected purely on when I was knackered and wanted to stop for the day or if there was no other choice.

St Stephen, Cornwall.
Camping meadow with decent enough facilities.

Moortown, Devon.
Full on holiday park with caravans, motorhomes etc, but still very nice. Decent facilities.

West Buckland, Somerset.
£29! (£17 + £12 "The Greener Camping Club" membership)
Nice enough field with adequate facilities.

N/A stayed with friend

Newland, Worcestershire.
Ok field with Ok facilities. Bit of a dive though.

Sheriffhales, Shropshire.
Nice enough. Rough clientele!

Great Budworth, Cheshire.
Really nice, no concession for solo campers though.

Scorton, Lancashire.
Lovely little site, nice facilities, aimed at caravans etc more than small tents though.

Morland, Cumbria.
Proper old school field on a farm. Only one loo and shower. Adequate though.

Loch Maben, Dumfries and Galloway.
Council run site. OK, but a bit busy/noisey being right in the little town.

Strathblane, Stirling.
Proper campsite with space for biking/hiking types. Great vibe, facilities adequate.

Glengoulandie, Perthshire.
Good value. Seperate area for tents and decent enough facilities.

Auchnahillin, Nr. Craggie, Inverness.
One of the best campsites ever! Stayed here last year. Ridiculously cheap, amazing facilities with better showers than you have at home!

Lairg, Highlands.
Quite basic, but had everything you'd need.

Melvich, Highlands.
Largish site, but has camping area. Good facilities.

Wick, Highlands.
Lovely little site to end the trip with.
Those wonderful norks are never far from my thoughts, oh yeah!


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Re: How much is (cycle) camping these days?
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most of the ones I've used charge the same no matter how you arrive (although many charge per person than per unit)

I booked a quiet place for RIAT (airshow) for £16 2 nights; it's a bit further from the action (although nearer to departures which is the best day!) but shouldn't be a quagmire if it rains. I don't think the regular campsite operators figure anyone turning up by bike and even walking to the shower block was a challenge.


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Re: How much is (cycle) camping these days?
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If you are looking for decent cycle camping then this Facebook group is starting to be a minefield of information and is focussed on lower priced options