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The most likely thing to complicate the process is differences in lock barrel profile, a lot of the newer ones with 3 star security ratings have a lump sticking out the side, you'll probably have to adjust the shape of the hole in your door to allow for that, just needs a file and an extra supply of swear words.

D'oh, silly me.  I quoted the wrong post earlier so have deleted that one.  😊

That "lump" is I believe simply rotated to be  aligned with the rest of the lock body using the key when inserting the mechanism into the door.  Usually the lock being removed has a similar "lump" which needs aligning to facilitate removal.

I hope that I have understood this correctly.

The Pub / Re: Knoydart community set to buy their 'local'
« Last post by FifeingEejit on Today at 03:03:36 pm »
Having heard about the place from friends who were in DURC back when I was at uni (this coincided up with a period of lack of interest in hillwalking) and also back before JP bought it, it seems the rot is very much down to JP and not the "double denim" crew.
The Pub / Re: Bought any cycling stuff today?
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 03:02:16 pm »
I've just bought a 1964 Moulton Speed for £70 and £3.20 postage.  The alloy mudguards alone make it worth having.

I think I might never see this one, but it was worth a punt.  Ebay, so totally safe if the seller won't ship.
It was a newbie mistake, of course.  I said he can ship it (he'll still make money) or issue a refund.  No response yet.  I would rather like it.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Séamas M. on Today at 02:59:26 pm »
Carrickfergus - The Chieftains

RIP Paddy Moloney  :'(
Last night while walking to a local eatery we heard what sounded like it might have been a male tawny owl in need of some cough lozenges. It did the 'whoo' but it was pretty scratchy as well.
Could have been a fox I suppose. Intrigued...
Today I'm attempting to make the first batch of cinnamon rolls in the shit oven. Am guessing I'm going to need to whack the temperature up a bit being as it's not a fan oven. There may be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
The Pub / Re: What have you fettled today?
« Last post by Mrs Pingu on Today at 02:39:14 pm »
Today we're fettling pictures on the walls. Remembered the hall wall is s block wall so that will be a job for some small pics and Command hooks I reckon.
The Pub / Re: What have you fettled today?
« Last post by Mrs Pingu on Today at 02:35:51 pm »
Here is a pic of the hole at the back of our fireplace. The flue itself is up top (where Pumpkin kept trying to climb up when the fire was there providing a handy climbing frame).
2021-10-17_02-32-12 by The Pingus, on Flickr
The Pub / Re: Knoydart community set to buy their 'local'
« Last post by salar55 on Today at 02:34:40 pm »
The problem today is all the good out of the way places are never the same after Facebook and Instagram latch onto them. Hillwalking in the late eighties no riff-raff then. 😂If you hear about it on the net you have missed the best times. Old saying once something becomes a go to its over. One example was the Gatliff trust hostals, we used to go up for winter tours, most times we were the only ones. Then everyone was going up for Xmas and New year especially Berneray, game over and it was somewhere new for us.
Health & Fitness / Re: Beardys running log - Ct5k
« Last post by Polar Bear on Today at 02:28:41 pm »
Weekly update - 17th October 2021

Monday:  I did my longest run to date, 16km, as reported upthread.  That was great but tough and I felt weary the next day.

Wednesday:   It was the low hr 8km session.  My first km was way too fast and 8t took me quite a while to adjust my pace.  The run felt erratic but in fact it was a decent session.

Friday:  went out for my 6km intervals and recorded the fastest time that I have ever done for that session.  It didn't feel hard and I was chuffed to hits.

Sunday:  had planned to get out early but the rain put paid to that.  Other obligations mean that I will not get another run in today so just 30km for the week with my longest run and my fastest intervals sessions thrown in.

Not bad even if I say so myself.  😊

We are away for a few days next week so it will be difficult to get some runs in.  I'll take my kit though just in case ...
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