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The Pub / Re: Knoydart community set to buy their 'local'
« Last post by IanDG on Today at 12:17:08 am »
So when we're you there?

Fifeing Eejit? I haven't made it out to visit my son yet due to Covid and other circumstances.
Camping It Up / Re: Emergency shelters
« Last post by mmmmartin on Yesterday at 11:59:39 pm »
the foil eventually peels off the mylar and turns into dandruff from rattling about in the bag.
i know this, and so does a bloke from Thanet Road Club who fell off on a 200k a few years ago and broke his pelvis and had to wait three hours for an ambulance wrapped in a bag like that. Since then i have bought and carried two foil blankets, because a bag is impossible to get into if you are injured.
OT Knowledge / Re: Home energy saving tips /ideas...
« Last post by Diver300 on Yesterday at 11:49:26 pm »
I am trying to figure out the %rh in our new house. A few days ago all the meters were reading over 70%, and it hadn't been raining. Day before yesterday it pished with rain (to the extent the newly cleaned gutters were overwhelmed) in the late afternoon and this evening all the meters are reading about 56%. I'm still trying to work it all out.
Outside temperature often has more effect on the indoor humidity than outside humidity does.

If air is heated, its capacity to hold water vapour increases very fast. So when cold air from outside comes in and is heated, the absolute humidity doesn't change, but the relative humidity drops. If it's colder outside, 100% humidity air has to be heated more by the house so the relative humidity drops more from the 100% than if the air had been heated less.
Audax / Re: Round The Year Randonneurs Log
« Last post by IanDG on Yesterday at 11:46:54 pm »
April - Snow Hare 200 Helpers Ride
May - Reiver Fever 300
June - Debatable Lands 200
July - Four Tops 222
August - DIY 200
September - Talla Ho 200
October - Scottish Borders Randonnee 200

First attempt at a RRTY, never thought about it when living in Stornoway - too many DIYs in short daylight hours with the majority of cafes closed. Looking to complete by my 61st birthday in March. Next event is Long Dark Tea Time of an Audax Soul in November then onto DIYs.
The Pub / Re: Heating on?
« Last post by Wowbagger on Yesterday at 11:05:23 pm »
WE are trying to avoid using the gas central heating. We have an oil filled radiator which has kept warm the two rooms we spend most of our time in. I don't  think that will be sufficient in the depths of winter though.
Camping It Up / Re: Emergency shelters
« Last post by Lightning Phil on Yesterday at 10:49:08 pm »
Slept in one of those orange plastic bags back in the 1970s. Think it was Karrimor one.  This was on Kinder Scout. Sweaty as hell. In the morning we were soaked. 

If you have an orange bag you are better off cutting it along one side.  You can then either turn it into a shelter if you’ve got a dry stone wall or boulder.  where you can secure with rocks.  Else take four or more pegs and some cord so you can rig it like a tarp with a walking pole.  Pointy end into the wind / weather. Done that on Bleaklow. Worked a treat.

Bothy bags great if there are two of you.  You lean back against your end to tension it.  There is a small vent to ensure a fresh exchange of air.  You soon build up a nice temperature with no sweatiness.

Bivvy bags suffer from heat loss through conduction through the ground. Unless you have a mat or sleeping bag.  If you have a rucksack with an internal frame. That can work as insulation under your body.

Silver bags beat blankets in windy conditions where you need to get through the night. They are sweaty though just like plastic ones. That can undo the reflected radiation heat benefits as when wet heat conduction is about 25 times worse than dry. But they can get you through the night if you keep you head out.

Getting out of any wind and rain. Getting out of any wet kit.  Sitting on your rucksack to reduce ground conduction.  A beanie to reduce heat loss through head. Then you are most of the way there to getting through a night. Finding a naturally sheltered divot / land feature can help a lot with that to start. It won’t necessarily be comfortable but surviving the night is the aim not a comfortable bed.

You can also get collapsible camping candle lanterns for a bit of extra heat if you have constructed or used a shelter rather than bivvy bag.

Clearly the lower down any mountain you can get the warmer you will be. Unless there is a temperature inversion that night. Old sheep folds often make good shelters provided the ground is ok. You just secure whatever blanket, bag, tarp material you have within its confines and you are protected from wind on most sides.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Peter on Yesterday at 10:33:21 pm »
Tell The Truth - Otis Redding
Health & Fitness / Re: The health and fitness thread about random things
« Last post by Pingu on Yesterday at 10:29:51 pm »
My Daddy says 'Gravity Begins at Home'.

Enjoy your gruts soupe!
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 10:23:04 pm »
I'm A Faker Too ~ Budgie
The Pub / Re: Didcot
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 10:21:26 pm »
A nerd writes: I think that’s a Mark IV Golf, so post-1997 :D
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