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Yesterday, driving Westerly along the A5 just before Weston Park we were talking about how this stretch is still as narrow as it was in our motorcycling days of 50 years ago.
Our lane was clear in front of us and coming East bound was a big lorry.
Suddenly, from a very minor road, a cyclist shot out onto the A5 in front of the lorry.
The lorry braked hard and swerved across the road into our lane to avoid going over the cyclist. I braked very hard and stopped as tucked in the verge as I could get and the lorry managed to slide through the gap.
The cyclist, in a scarlet and black diamond shirt, lived another day.
Still, a miss is as good as a mile although it never felt like that at the time.
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Darwin of the Day?

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Dunce of the Day.
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A POB, whom I assume was FORRIN from

(a) his clothing and
(b) the fact that he was hugging the right kerb, causing much consternation among drivers.  And me, as I had* to pass him on a narrow bridge.  On the left.

*traffic light controlled, so no hanging about
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I'm not sure if DOTD in this case was myself, the other cyclist, both or neither, but in any case, a faintly amusing and vaguely interesting incident. I came to a T junction with a hill. I wanted to turn right, down the hill. I couldn't see what might be coming up the hill because of a tall van parked on the corner, so I did (most of) what you're meant to do: stopped, looked both ways, then pulled out a short way so I could see round the van, stopped again. Except actually I forgot to do the shoulder check you're meant to do before moving, so that's one dick point to me. Having pulled forward in this way, I could now see a a cyclist coming up the hill, just alongside the parked van, with a car behind him. So I waited. The cyclist turned sharp left as soon as he'd cleared the van, looking as if he as going to enter the side street I'd just pulled out of. But no, he rode over the white lines behind me then pulled out round the next parked car and carried up on the hill. Meanwhile the car had overtaken. I'm not sure if he did this deliberately to let the car overtake or what.
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Sounds like no dicks here to me.


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Walking to work in the fog this morning I saw a flashing red light some way ahead. I normally see the paper boy as he goes on his round so didn't think anything of it. Then I noticed it was getting closer. "I'm not walking *that* fast", thinks I. Enter hoodie onna BSO, flashing red lights front and rear. Pillock doesn't know if he's coming or going.
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