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The 5 is the perfect size *for a phone*. It's just a bit too small for all the other things you need your phone to do these days. The 12 Mini is only a few mm bigger in all directions but has considerably more screen space.

I had to resort to using my old 5 for a while when my 6 died, and the screen size was crippling (although, to be fair, not as crippling as the fact that it couldn't run the current versions of any of the apps I use).
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How are we not discussing Wowbagger's tryst with Dr Roberts?

I think Samsung got this right. They released a compact version of their flagship hUge PhONe. Identical specs apart from smaller screen and battery. I love mine.
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Yesterday I received an email entitled “Peter, can we talk about … love?”

It was from Prof. Alice Roberts.
I am green with envy!
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How are we not discussing Wowbagger's tryst with Dr Roberts?
Did she make him a new and better man? Did she help him to understand? Did he take a drink from her special cup?
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