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Food & Drink / Re: Beer!
« Last post by tiermat on Today at 07:07:37 am »
Over the weekend I had, in no real order:

The Great Cornholio by Tiny Rebel
Unhuman Cannonball by Magic Rock
Life and Death & Pride and Glory by Vocation.

The latter 2 are my goto, ideal for smashing whilst watching the football, the former two I drank while watching a movie on Friday night.
The Knowledge / Re: New DMR V8's
« Last post by Brucey on Today at 07:06:42 am »
yup the land rover SFG is (of SFGs that you can buy fairly readily) pretty good stuff. 'Black and stinky' in this case means it is full of additives  that are good for bearings.

SFG usually has similar viscosity properties to tomato ketchup; it stays put well enough when the bike isn't being used but it is, once sheared. (and in contrast to a typical #2 grease)  mobile within the bearing. This gives it a fighting chance of

a) penetrating from the lube port to the bearing and

b) fending off inevitable attacks from winter road salt etc.

The downside is that if any of this particular lube gets on your clothes, they are ruined

The Knowledge / How to remove silicone sealant from carbon fibre
« Last post by Auntie Helen on Today at 06:59:09 am »
The indicators in my Milan Velomobile have failed again.

They are held in place by silicone sealant. They can be pulled out but then to refit is very tricky as the silicone residue means you can’t get them flush against the body again. I tried scraping it away with a knife but that is almost impossible.

Can I use a hairdryer to warm the silicone and make it runny again, or will that damage the carbon fibre or the paint job on the outside? Or is there some kind of liquid I can add to dissolve the silicone?
The Knowledge / Re: New DMR V8's
« Last post by nobby on Today at 06:50:40 am »
For pedals etc. I believe Land Rover front swivel grease works well. It's loaded with corrosion inhibitors and other additives; the only downside is these make it black and smelly.

Thank you
Health & Fitness / Re: Palm pain during and after rides
« Last post by nobby on Today at 06:48:06 am »
Have you checked for carpal tunnel problems or arthritis?
Audax / Cascade 1200 tracker
« Last post by Moleman76 on Today at 06:10:05 am »

will take you to the on-line tracker for the Cascade 1200 over here in Washington state, the upper-lefthand corner of the map of USAnia.

John Lilley of AUK is representing the UK this time.  As of this keyboarding (2200 hours Pacific time, about 0700 UK Summer time?), he seems to have about 625 km in and is headed to the second overnight control at 711 km.

"SPOT" trackers are being used to monitor rider positions on the road.  There is a lot of wide open space on this ride and it's proven helpful.  On the display from the link above, rider names don't appear until you've selected one of the blue dots.  John seems to be at about the middle of the overall group.

Finish will be Tuesday afternoon the 26th.
Let's make one, then! If we can join all the baguettes in the Co-op together with cable ties to make a kite-poking stick, a jellycopter will be easy. In fact, I'm sure Nye's already made one!
Calling Wobbly John...
Gallery / Re: Members' bikes
« Last post by Oscar's dad on Today at 05:38:44 am »
Nice Roger, very nice, I hope you love your LHT as much as I love my Disc Trucker.

I don’t know how Surly do it, they build a heavy bike which never feels like a heavy bike. They are great to ride with no load and equally great carrying over 30kg of camping kit. Whilst friends have to load their bikes carefully to avoid frame shimmies at high speed I just chuck my gear on Fred and off we go!  And, to cap it all, the week before last in the Alps, I had great fun chucking him round fast bends during twisty descents, as usual he was rock solid.
Health & Fitness / Re: Cholesterol and all that gubbins...
« Last post by Frank9755 on Today at 05:36:48 am »
All finished and expecting to come out today.
Thanks all for good wishes.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by PaulF on Today at 05:28:41 am »
Lady Day ~ Lou Reed
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