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Arts and Entertainment / Re: RIP John Noakes
« Last post by rr on Today at 04:13:51 pm »
I met him, and Shep, when they filmed an episode of go with Noakes on the Malvern Hills. Fortunately my singing ended up on the cutting room floor.

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I suspect that's a level of sophistication too far. I think the distinctions for roads should be: off road, metalled cyclepath/segregated, back roads, main roads. that gives you enough info to make a meaningful choice. With a special sign for cobleobleobles.
The Knowledge / Re: Carrera Subway 2 - should I?
« Last post by Brucey on Today at 03:59:55 pm »
it is pretty good value but IIRC this model presently has 650B (584 BSD) wheels in it.  In theory there are lots of tyres and wheels available in this size but in reality very few shops seem to carry much stock.

 This may change in the future and (apart from the cost sometimes) it isn't the end of the world for planned replacements (they can be ordered in) but for distress purchases (eg a spare tube or tyre or something) it can be a PITA.

For road/trail use a hybrid with 700C wheels might well be a better choice from that standpoint.

Audax / Re: WessexSR2017
« Last post by tonyh on Today at 03:52:32 pm »
Please tell me another cycling group was using the Lakeside control yesterday and that this is not AUK riders on a WessexSR event:

Good Morning Shawn

pleased to say that all your cyclist are now through, but on a more annoying note, we were pretty annoyed with the lack of respect and consideration for others from some of you're members!! parking their cycles all over our patio causing massive trip hazards for our staff on what was a very busy day anyway. one guy even decided it was appropriate to carry out repairs on the patio and when I asked him to move somewhere else he just carried on. They left crap and litter all over the place, stuffed into gaps on the tables, all over the floor! Animals!. There were 4 cycles parked around one of our 8 seater tables putting it out of action for other customers to use! there was a cycle parked in the entrance to our private quarters blocking it for our waitresses! all in all a bunch of inconsiderate selfish and disrespectful idiots!

If this is how we are to be treated then we would rather you went elsewhere in future.


A profuse apology has been offered.

My apologies for (as controller) not having been more on-the-ball about this, especially as I know that Dave (the proprietor, who is excellent) is rightly sensitive to matters of this sort, on behalf of his customers and staff. With a bit more thought I could have stopped problems developing. I left thinking that we/I had done ok. Wrong!

I had the impression that there were always tables still available, though I wasn't concentrating on that situation.
Dave and his (also excellent) staff had been extremely busy for a very long previous day, but they weren't letting it show.
Our collective fault at not clearing further out of the way when asked was a bad one - eg the tyre-repairer did move, but really yards were needed rather than inches!
Bikes probably weren't parked quite as outrageously as the above suggests... but it's something that many of us need to watch.
I didn't notice litter - and as a fully over-sensitized litter-phobic I would have expected to. (I'd already restrained myself from picking up a few bits from around the site.) So I hope the litter was not us. Anyway, I'll take a bag for the purpose next time.

All the riders were wonderful - thankyou!

Agree about the Priddy Kitchen Crew - superb! (I was admiring from a distance, having grabbed an easy chair and the Official Stamp.)
Phototalk / Re: Expected life of a camera under consumer rights?
« Last post by Pickled Onion on Today at 03:48:23 pm »
Thanks, that's promising. I've contacted Fuji to see what they say. It's only a month out of the standard guarantee, hopefully they can sort it out.
yup, 10s cassette is fractionally narrower in some cases (at least where it mounts; the #1 sprocket is dished in a 10s cassette), to the extent that occasionally you will need a thin spacer behind the cassette to have it be held tight on the freehub body.

Anyway the smallest sprocket ends up in about the same place as in an 8s or 9s setup, so you would be unlucky to have a clash there.

BTW other things;

1) the front mech may have a ridge on the inside cage plate; occasionally this makes for a setup that shifts badly because the ridge is in the wrong place vs the middle ring

2) not all road front mechs will reach out far enough for an MTB chainline if that is what you are running

3) apologies if this is obvious but if you are running a triple you need the LH STI to be triple-compatible; not all are.

4) ST-4700 STIs won't work with the rear mechs discussed above; they have a different shift ratio from other 10s 'road' equipment

Arts and Entertainment / Re: RIP John Noakes
« Last post by road-runner on Today at 03:44:25 pm »
John Noakes was truly inspiring.

In the '60s I managed to earn a Blue Peter badge. The morning it arrived in the post I wore it to school, where I got beaten up at break time and that was the last I saw of my badge. I have spent the last 50 years wanting to earn another one. I should check what I need to do.
The Knowledge / Re: Carradice Super C Rackbag - strapping a drybag
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 03:44:03 pm »
Bungees certainly won't do, toe straps should if tight enough.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: RIP John Noakes
« Last post by T42 on Today at 03:37:26 pm »
Nelson's Column. That is it for me.

Couldn't find the Cresta Run one, though.
The Knowledge / Re: Touring Gears - how low is low enough?
« Last post by sojournermike on Today at 03:37:25 pm »
Just come back from Scotland - a suprisingly flat country! (I'm from Devon) and I found that with 15kg of dry weight (no water, no food) my 24 front, 34 rear got me up everything, though I will admit to stopping regularly when climbing the Bealach Na Ba (took me over 90mins but plenty of time admiring the view).
I'd have been damn happy with 24x34!
Bealach Na Ba looks lovely - at at 7% gradient it sounds less of a grind than the 10% average of Greenhow.

I think one reason I hate Greenhow is that for much of the climb you can't even see anything - a steep bank on one side and hedge or trees on the other.

Yep, and the bottom is closer to 25%...
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