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Health & Fitness / Re: Long Distance Nutrition - Audax
« Last post by mattc on Today at 03:27:59 pm »
The OP asked about nutrition on a 1000k-in-3-days event. Typically 50hrs of riding over very hilly terrain. Chris Froome doesn't do anything like those durations, so it's quite possible that his optimum diet is very different. (most tour stages are 4-6 hours?)
Health & Fitness / Re: Asthma relief without inhale?
« Last post by TPMB12 on Today at 03:19:53 pm »

More importantly you need to get away from this "my inhaler" idea that the penny-pinching medical establishment like to perpetuate.  If you're asthmatic you should distribute salbutamol inhalers liberally throughout your life, so that you're never too far away from one at times of need.  So there's an inhaler in your handbag, an inhaler by your bedside, an inhaler in the kitchen drawer, an inhaler in your cupboard at work, an inhaler in the glove compartment, an inhaler as part of every bike's toolkit, etc.  You do then have to keep an eye on expiry dates, but I'd much rather have a slightly out of date inhaler than not have one at all.

Which is exactly what I do.  There's still never one when I bloody need it, mind.

It's exactly what I do. It's.Just.that.after a holiday we are still a bit mixed.up. My partner needed one and she's.misplaced.all hers so I knew of mine was but.It's not been.put back (kept in my work kit bag.

She needed it the middle of the night. My.condition isn't that bad. It's more a spell of bad coughing due to allergies that causes a right chest and wheezing. A quick puff or two and it eases rapidly. I can get away without it just takes longer and I have to concentrate on resisting the coughing urge. For me when like that like an itch you can't stop scratching without immense effort of willpower!

Still not convinced it's asthma but the ventolin helps which is all I'm bothered about. It's a safe intervention if it's not asthma and I.feel better quickly after a puff.
The Knowledge / Re: Lightweight randonneur bike
« Last post by nobby on Today at 03:11:54 pm »
Why use a wingnut at the mudguard bridge? It's got to weigh more than an ordinary nut.

the bike is meant to be easily 'rinkoable'. The wingnut allows the joint in the mudguard to be quickly separated; IIRC the part of the mudguard behind the seat tube stays put, and the part behind the seat stays comes away.

edit cross posted with Jakob


Thanks for explaining that Brucey and Jakob. I don't know what Rinkoing is but gdoes it need to be done quickly? :)
Racing / Re: TdeF 2017
« Last post by Ian H on Today at 03:11:06 pm »
Indurain did it a couple of times.

Coppi did it twice, but also got both climbing jerseys both times.
Racing / Re: Around Lithuania 2017 (20 July - 22 July)
« Last post by Karla on Today at 03:07:40 pm »
Interesting.  Do you know if it's running?  It might be a good thing for next year if it runs again. 

Good luck for the TCR by the way.
Health & Fitness / Re: Starting from scratch
« Last post by Ruthie on Today at 03:05:48 pm »
Getting fit (again) seems to be about overcoming barriers:

Finding time


Doing exercise when mentally tired (if not bodily tired)

Overcoming embarrassment
(maybe because we feel embarrassed about how pathetically slow we are, or how we feel we look in 'exercise' clothes, or how weak we are; several of these are putting me off from joining a gym convenient to work, I've looked in the window and seen the normal gym attendees)

I honestly am so past embarrassment.  I did a 20 minute run shambling flail through the park yesterday.  Heart rate was still under 150bpm, although I was just trying to get round, not to break any records. 

Sometimes at the end of a day's work my feet are so painful I am limping all the way home.  I walk between 4 and 9 miles during my normal working day, including working to and from work.
Health & Fitness / Re: So what is "pins and needles"?
« Last post by Ben T on Today at 03:03:02 pm »
Did you go to the gp? Any tips on getting them to do something other than tell you to bugger off?
I'm getting this now in my arm a lot of the time during the day, and I'm sure it's due to muscle tightness in the upper back.
Audax / Re: New event, new organiser
« Last post by frankly frankie on Today at 03:00:43 pm »
I think I once rode from Doncaster to York without crossing a contour line - and that included riding past a transmitter mast  :)

5m on average, for each high or low point - on any kind of hilly route it would be an insignificant percentage of the total, and certainly better than an isolated GPS-derived or DEM-derived figure.
Health & Fitness / Re: Starting from scratch
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 02:59:56 pm »
Name makes it sound like an electronic version of Buddhist prayer wheels though!

My thoughts exactly, which naturally lead me to wondering whether such a thing could usefully be integrated with a bicycle...
My limited knowledge of Buddhism leads me to suspect it would have to be in a holy place.

You're suggesting that a bicycle isn't a holy place?
Sacred but not sanctified, maybe.  ;D
What a floofy tummy! That's so sad, but you did the right thing.
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