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Condor Fratello
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Looks nice, I'm in the market, eventually. My LBS is a Condor dealer and is loaning me a test Fratello to use this week on a 100 miler, using my own Brooks saddle tho'. Still can't make my mind up between a Fratello and some carbon bling ( I have my eyes on a nice little italian beauty) or blow the budget on a Condor Gran Fondo as I do like the odd sportive as well as Audax.
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I had a similar decision to make a few years ago and I blew the budget on a Condor Gran Fondo (with Campag Athena).  Whilst I have very little to compare it to, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it - makes me happy every time I get on it.  I commute on it every day (strong enough for pannier racks), but do longer rides at the weekend.  I took it from London to Paris last Summer and had an incredible time.

Truth is that I am now in the market for some carbon bling (Bianchi) but the Condor will forever be my trusty stead. Love it.

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You can see photo of my Gran Fondo here (page 3 of the thread):

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Sorry to drag this old thread up, I was just wondering how people were getting on with factory built wheels on their Fratello?

I purchased an orange one last year, with Athena 11 and 32H Open Pro's on Record hubs.  It's smooth.  I also tried 32H H Plus Son Archetype's with my 25mm Conti 4 Seasons, this was REALLY nice.  Almost floated over the bad roads and I am sure it made lighter work of the miles.  I had to sell these though with my old road bike.

However, I tried a bike with very expensive factory wheels yesterday and they were amazingly comfortable, but also stiff to aid climbing and efficient power transfer.  They were Mavic SSC or something like that, all black and looked very cool.  Carbon I think.

Has anyone moved from a hand built wheel to a stiffer factory set and found an improvement in climbing ability? As this is the only area where I find the Fratello lacking in comparison to my old road bike and would like to address where possible.  The old bike was a Lemond 853, so was a little lighter but not a lot stiffer than the Fratello.

I don't want to buy another bike to just climb a little quicker, I would like to have just one good bike and wonder where to get the best bang for buck.  Don't worry, I am not expecting miracles.