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Google Nest Cam (Outdoor)
« on: 14 October, 2019, 06:16:59 pm »
Hi All

Anybody have one of these installed at home, positives, negatives?

Looking for outside CCTV camera to install

thanks for any advice etc

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What do you want to achieve with it? Identify people who walk up to your door? Most cameras will do that. Identify miscreants in the area around your home? Then you need high resolution wired camera, wifi can't hack it for that. Scare people to somewhere else? Then you need signs and the type of camera with IR lights that show up at night. Two cameras, one at low level for faces one at high level to get the general view is  a minimum. Just have some kind of camera? Fill yer boots with anything.


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Re: Google Nest Cam (Outdoor)
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I have Arlo cameras (as documented somewhere about, they were Netgear but have been spun off as a separate company). I've been happy with them – they're basic (a range of models are available) but are positioned well-enough that they'll grab a face (for instance the driveway mounted one will trigger the porch, so I get to see people come and go and get a recognizable face-grab from the porch cam). The same with the back garden, it'll trigger if spots anyone (or a giant spider) and activate the ones covering the back and patio doors. As Ham says, if you need long-distance identification, you need higher than 1080p resolution and probably a fully-wired system or very good wifi.

They're battery-powered, so easy to install, though the batteries, of course, require periodic replacement (the full-fat lithium batteries last several months, I have some rechargeable ones, which last a couple). They have motion-detection and better-than-expected night vision (don't expect long-range through). They run on their own wifi network (there's an Arlo router that needs wired access to your router, though if I recall, there's a newer version that's will connect wirelessly). The wifi signal is good, it reaches the bottom of the garden. The basic subscription package is free (supports up to five cameras and a week of storage). As ever, they're dependent on an internet connection, so if someone was really savvy they'd sever the phone line, there's no in-device storage on my model, but then they'd probably just nick the device).

My main concern was that it would be one of those devices that require the occasional motivational restart, and a 'device offline' is not what you want when you're several thousand miles away, but it's never needed it. One of the cameras went a bit dud and developed a red tinge (presumably the IR filter stuck on) – it was always like that but stopped recovering after percussive maintenance, they replaced it when I got around to asking.

All runs via the Web or a phone app that does what you'd expect, you can set schedules, zones etc. and vary sensitivity, record time, alerts, etc.

We used to have a proper system but it got ripped out during the refurbishment and not put back, so we just left the ringer on the front. For about £500 I'm happy with it and it gives us peace-of-mind when we're out. Ultimately, no matter how good your system, I suspect the main challenge will be getting the police interested. Hopefully it never comes to that, statistically, it's unlikely you'll be burgled.
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Re: Google Nest Cam (Outdoor)
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Thanks both appreciated

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It's worth putting some context around my comments on the images you'll get. Trumpeting FULL HD!!! 1080p!!!, which is the state of the art on domestic front, sounds good but will only give you 5mp images. That's as good as it gets, remember what 5Mp images were what you got out a phone and how good they were? Then, imagine when it is low light.