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Macro lens recommendation?
« on: 26 June, 2020, 05:11:28 pm »
I realise this is a bit like opening Pandora's box but here goes.

Any recommendations for a good 1:1 macro prime that won't break the bank? (I.e.sub 700 squids)
For a Canon APS-C sensor.

I see there are various Canon, Tamron and Sigma option in the 90-100mm range but TBH trying to pick is making my brain hurt.
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Re: Macro lens recommendation?
« Reply #1 on: 24 September, 2020, 12:47:23 am »
Taking £700 UK retail as gospel, I see the list as...

Canon 100/2.8 (non-IS/L)
Sigma 70/2.8 Art
Tamron 90/2.8 VC
Tamron 90/2.8 non-VC
Sigma 105/2.8 OS

If you can blow the budget a bit, Cotswold Cameras have the Canon 100/2.8L IS at £790, rather than the normal £910-£950.
Having said that, you'd be best off reserving some budget for tripod, focusing slide, ring(?) flash, extension tubes to go past 1:1, and other such accessories, so maybe not.

It depends to some extent what you want it for - are you thinking tripod mounted with flash setup etc, or stalking insects on flowers, or maybe general photography too?
Image stabilisation would be important for stalking - you often end up taking the shot when in an awkward position. On the other hand it's of no interest on a tripod.
The Sigma 70/2.8 Art is probably best optically (other than the over budget Canon100/2.8L), having said which, most mid-range macros are pretty good.
The Tamron 90/2.8 VC is probably the best of the rest - it's got stabilisation, some weather resistance, and I remember good reports of the optics.

I've got the cheaper Canon (second hand for less). Buying new now, on your budget, I think I'd get the Tamron 90/2.8 VC.

NB - I think Cotswold Cameras are a grey importer, if you care.
This generally means that you save a good part of what would normally be the importer's (i.e. Canon UK's) slice of the profit, and that the warranty is insurance based rather than through Canon, which probably means a harder line on accidental damage or post-expiry claims.

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Re: Macro lens recommendation?
« Reply #2 on: 25 September, 2020, 08:10:15 pm »
Thanks for taking the time to reply. A couple of weeks after I posted I bought the Tamron VC from Fffordes (being as they are semi local). You'll find some of our efforts with it in the Bugs thread or on Flickr at The Pingus. Happy with it generally.
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