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Lighting recommendations
« on: 15 November, 2020, 03:05:38 pm »
I dabble at this photography stuff, and am now frustrated that I have failed to be able to take an expectable passport photo using my mobile (yes I could have used my SLR but that seemed like over kill).  Anyway my attempts have been too dark, which is because I am trying to use the natural light (in November yes) and every lamp I have in the house.

Thinking that there has to be some cheap LED floodlights that would be as good as expensive stuff, given I don't do this very often.  But when I do it is a frustration.

I should have just gone to a shop, and not down this rabbit hole, but they are shut due to not being essential. That and I have the skill (the passport office disagrees) I should be able to do this dammit.

So do you have any suggestions?  What do you use?
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Re: Lighting recommendations
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Find a supermarket with a photo booth that does digital codes.
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Re: Lighting recommendations
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If you have an SLR with an equivalent of a 90-135 mm lens, use that, in natural daylight away from a strong source against a neutral background. That's all you need. If you have a flash, wrap tissue paper around the head and bounce it off the ceiling if you can.

Re: Lighting recommendations
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Breaking out the SLR and the flash finally did the trick. 
Should have gone down that route in the first place.
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