Author Topic: External post mounted 'weatherproof' Postbox recommendations?  (Read 293 times)


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Need to replace an external postbox/letterbox. The current replacement one was bought from a common DIY chain a couple of years ago for ~£30? - is far from weatherproof and now the flimsy key and lock are complaining too. It's mounted on a stout oak post that's handy for the postie from his van window. Security not really an issue as live at the end of a dead end track a quarter of a mile from the road.

However today I have decided something much better is required because an hour after the postie delivered during one short mad shower, a somewhat important document/piece of mail was soaked right through and required very careful forensic science type parting from its envelope, unfolding and subsequent drying out.

Hoping/wondering if anyone might have experience of something fit for purpose?


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Re: External post mounted 'weatherproof' Postbox recommendations?
« Reply #3 on: 06 May, 2021, 03:26:18 pm »
Can't recall who we got the one for our last house from, but it was made by Brabantia, and cost well under £100.  Despite having a big sign on it saying "post box", some dozy delivery folk stood in front of the adjacent letter box-less front door, looking puzzled, and a couple just left stuff on the doorstep. Twats...  Letter plates in front doors allow draughts to get in, heat to get out, and give an opportunity for scumbags to put undesirable objects or substances into your house.

Considering getting a parcel sized one for our current abode, to save the folk having to open the gate and walk 10m to the front door, and close gate, etc.  As the postie has to use a van round here (very, very rural) its all a bit of a palaver.