Author Topic: Is it right that the steering on a low-racer bike has a "notch" at dead centre?  (Read 234 times)

I have never noticed it before and I have had the bike for ages. I have always assumed that the headset bearing is standard and I can't see any reason why this should be a feature.  But being so central when it occurs when I move it from side to side when stationary, it feels that it COULD be normal.  Looking back, I did hit a fairly major pothole at speed about a month ago, which in turn caused an inner tube / tyre blowout and a long slide down a hill. Is it possible that this has smashed a ball bearing inside to cause this feel?

I have lost a bit of confidence in the handling and I don't know if that is psychological in that I THINK that it is not as it should be, or if this "notch" is actually causing a real instability ie my brain is not used to overcoming the slight resistance on a tiny movement from centre.

If it is a ball bearing issue, is the headset easy to replace on these things? (it is one of these , adapted for long- distance light touring)

It's a ruined headset.  Kim will be along shortly to advise if it's a standard fitment.
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Not sure about the Fujin, I don't *think* it's integrated, is it?

But yeah, agree that it's not supposed to have a notch, which is a normal function of headset wear.  I think recumbent headsets have a harder life in this respect than uprights, as they take more load.
Careful, Kim. Your sarcasm's showing...

The link ^ has  pics of a standard (not integrated) headset

It  will almost  certainly have cartridge bearings

If you can find the size these people are good for replacements

Double check how much pre-load is on the headset bearings.
I have had that "notched" feeling when I've tightened the headset by to much.
At slow speeds it start to feel like my trike is hunting for a line around a corner.
See if loosening the load on the bearings a fraction frees them up without adding any play.
I've had success doing that while on tour, I've probably got more leeway on a trike with twin headset but doing this let me wait till after I got home before fitting new headset bearings.
If you don't loose the notch before you get to much play in the headset then it's new bearing time anyway.

Luck ........  ;Ds

Thanks all, that is so helpful