Author Topic: NEW EVENT - 10 Peaks Audacious Challenge - 31st July, 218k, 4.5AAA  (Read 301 times)

10 Peaks Audacious Challenge

New for 2021 a 218k Severn Bridge Series GOLD GRIMPEUR AAA event.

The only 200k calendar event in the UK this season to date with a massive 4.5 AAA, that's a lumpy 4,415m of climbing.

This is a tough a 200k 'bare bones' event for for experienced Randonneurs, capable of riding long distances in all conditions, carrying all necessary food, clothing, spares, first aid etc.

The route guarantees a full day of big climbs and stunning views in often remote locations.

Below is a brief description of the route - it really doesn't do it justice, so I will just say - if you want a full day of climbing exploring some of the best that Wales has to offer then this event may be for you.

Starting from Chepstow you will be climbing from the start. You will explore Tintern and the Wye Valley before more climbing and fine views to take you near Devauden before a flat(ish) section to Abergavenny.

More climbing follows to get you to Hay on Wye and then you'll ride the lumpy, remote but beautiful sections to Hundred House where you will then start the return leg.

Yet more climbs follow with 2 big ascents in Hay on Wye including Gospel Path.

Next back to Abergavenny for a trip up the famous Tumble, then back to Devauden via the little well known/used way off the Tumble.

Devauden will serve you up it's devilish hill just to finish those tired legs off.

All the hard work is then done and you have a easy descent and flat section back to Chepstow. Mostly quiet lanes and minor roads with easy navigation.

For Full Route Details please see this link which will allow you a deep drive into exploring the route to see if its one for you.

This event has a free event patch for all finishers.

Season 1 - 211 AAA Points, 120 Club points,  PBP 72h, ISR, Welsh SR, Easter Arrow, Hyper Rand, AAA Champion, ACB Team and CTC champions