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Webspace providers
« on: December 06, 2019, 07:47:19 pm »
I know we've (specifically I've) asked questions like this before, but I can't find anything recent, so here we go again.

Currently I have a ten-site package from TSOHosts. Although most of the time this has been fine, there have been some glitches and the way they do some things (for instance, outgoing emails go directly through one of their servers with a long and complicated name rather than a virtual one connected to my domain).
They no longer offer that package, so there is no financial advantage to sticking with them.
I have recently taken over looking after another site. This is hosted by Servage. I am definitely not happy with the level of service they can provide.
Tonight, I have taken over looking after yet another site (!) which the current admin wants to move away from his hosting package.

Does anyone have any recommendations (positive or negative) of who to use? Cost is less of an issue with these two 'new' sites than is sometimes the case.

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Re: Webspace providers
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I've been with Fasthosts for something like ten years, and I've not had any problems.