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The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Pedaldog on Today at 11:34:02 pm »
Lady Linda - the Beach boys
Are you still sober after England's performance in today's footy, & are you sure you have the patience / tolerance for a full value rider???  ;)

I'm supposed to have a 'quiet' year. If my ACME Grand attempt goes pear shaped, then I probably enter the Buzzard event as a consolation.

Where The Wild Things Are / Re: Seen today
« Last post by fuaran on Today at 11:10:56 pm »
A treecreeper, creeping up a tree.
And some sort of vole/shrew, running across the road, narrowly avoiding my wheels.
Rides and Touring / Re: Getting Bike To Europe
« Last post by Karla on Today at 11:06:40 pm »
Forty dollars, really?  Bike shops are usually only to please to get rid of them.  I've scored free boxes in four countries, and only had to pay in one other - when the hire shops in Morzine had had flood damage and wanted to keep their voices for selling used bikes at the end of the season.  I still got one for 20 Euros though.
The Dark Side / Re: Advice please
« Last post by TPMB12 on Today at 11:05:56 pm »
For me it was an open air swimming pool shallow end with an inflatable kids Indian canoe getting swarmed and bitten. Plus a tide line of drowned ladybirds.
Where The Wild Things Are / Re: Seen today
« Last post by Pingu on Today at 11:04:09 pm »
A stoat and a red kite (not at the same time)  :)
The Dark Side / Re: Newbie recumbent touring - any advice?
« Last post by TPMB12 on Today at 11:03:52 pm »
I was looking around for little bits and pieces that are useful and ended up on the Alpkit website. They do a bikepacking bag for the handlebars called a stem cell. They are British made and Alpkit will customise. I was thinking of two made with the webbing loop strap sewn in vertically up the spine of the bag. Two long webbing straps around the hardshell seat under the seat pad and through each bag to the top and bottom of the webbing attachment point. Cinched tight I'm thinking they're going to be stable. They take a nalgene sized bottle so a decent sized cycle bottle would fit and be held by the drawcord at the bag opening.

What do you think as an option?

TBH I kind of prefer bottles. I've had just too many issues with bladders over the years. I've not got on with camelbak, platypus, source (they make for a lot of other brands too), hydrapak, etc. Leaks, eventual growth inside the tubes, etc. BTW a lot of the bladders are designed to cope with standing on. They mostly cope with it but ime some need you to close them right. Hydrapak was one such bladder. You could jump on a full one and it wouldn't leak but close it slightly wrong and it leaked. To do with the fold at the opening before it slides into the closure. A little tricky ime.
The Sporting Life / Re: World cup 2018
« Last post by andyoxon on Today at 11:00:51 pm »
Harry Kane's hair is not dissimilar to that of a 1966 Jack Charlton  - reckon it's an omen.
The Knowledge / Re: Wide fit SPDs
« Last post by Valiant on Today at 10:48:19 pm »
There are lots of Specialized Cadet shoes on eBay.

None in my size but I've taken a punt on the 8.6. Fingers crossed. Thanks all.
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