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The Knowledge / Re: Mudguard skills
« Last post by Crumbling Nick on Today at 05:12:03 pm »
Agree the seat stay is better maintenance wise for the rear light, but can you counter my suspicion that there is a "blind point" where a road user (e.g. a car) could be in a position such that they can't see my rear light due to the mudguard or wheel being between them and the light source?
IMNSHO there isn't a simple counter. The lighting regs say simply "Visible to the rear". That's pretty vague, so there would need to be case history to provide a definitive interpretation. IANAL, but I cannot imagine that "only totally obscured in a small region" would be accepted as a defence in court. Obviously, if the light is wide enough that a reasonable amount of it is visble despite the wheel/mudguard you'd have a better defence. However it would be rather vulnerable.

I'm currently engaged in upgrading the lights on youngest daughter's bike, which has a Shimano alternator to power primary lights. I believe that 2 rear lights are esssential for utility cycling. Failures happen, so a backup is needed. Also, flashing lights are probably better at attracting attention, but steady lights help following road users judge distance, apart from being almost a legal reqiurement. My personal opinion is that the 2 lights need to be separated by a significant distance to work effectively. That is based on the problem I have with some modern cars, where rear indicators become overwhelmed by brake lights until too close for anticipatory riding.

The OE rear light is mounted on the rear of the pannier rack & has now been replaced by a better one. The only alternative mounting point which will never be obscured by bags or other cargo on the rack is the mudguard. Even there it's hard to find a place which is reasonably separated, has adequate support to avoid plastic fractures & isn't vulnerable to damage. My own bikes have a light in each location, but even then there are compomises; mudguard mounted dynamo lights have inefficient optics, but flashing lights are heavier & bigger, so are more vulnerable & more likely to cause fatigue failures.
Is it worth bothering moving the light to the left seat stay when riding abroad?
I don't know. UK lighting regs specify "On the centre-line or off side of the vehicle". I don't think that an alternative that complies with EU regs is allowed, so I'd guess it'is country-specific when you're abroad.
The Knowledge / Re: Shimano Tiagra or 105
« Last post by alexb on Today at 05:06:32 pm »
I'd say if you like a triple and 10 speed you need to travel back in time and get Campag!
My 30 speed franken-mix of Race triple front mech, Veloce shifters, Mirage rear derailleur and Centaur triple chainset is still going strong after many years of service.

However, you could match a Tiagra drivetrain to a triple chainset from Spa Cycles or the like.
There are plenty of good quality ramped and pinned chainrings from Stronglight and TA which have the advantage of being more hardwearing than Shimano and a lot cheaper.
Food & Drink / Re: I just ordered a Pizza.
« Last post by ian on Today at 05:03:17 pm »
To be fair, I've nothing against proper foreign food, it's just the people who go on and on about how it's nothing like that time we were in so-and-so, did I mentioned we were there, oh and we had etc. bloody etc. Indian food in the UK is mostly awful not because it's anglicized, but mostly because we seem to have the lowest of all possible expectations. I've lost track of the number of Indian restaurants and takeaways I've had recommended to me and they're generally disappointing. One of the things I really miss now I teeter on the edge of the great metropolis is a decent Indian, there's nothing in the jungles of Surrey but disappointment and bears.

On other matters, I am now resolved to put Dairylea triangles on my next pizza creation.
Audax / Re: ACME Anvil Winter Series
« Last post by jiberjaber on Today at 05:03:02 pm »
Even better - sleep in!  :thumbsup:
The Pub / Re: Preppers and prepping tendencies
« Last post by Kim on Today at 05:02:29 pm »
I can’t imagine why I would be stopped, but if I was I’d hope that I’d be able to convince the officer to use his discretion in my favour as I have no intent to us it as a weapon.

I think this is what's technically known as white privilege.  Age helps too, of course.
The Knowledge / Re: Shimano Tiagra or 105
« Last post by Hot Flatus on Today at 04:57:35 pm »
SRAM 11sp from Planet x
Food & Drink / Re: I just ordered a Pizza.
« Last post by Hot Flatus on Today at 04:55:12 pm »
I think some British people can find done Indian food bland because it isn't greasy and often the spicing is subtle.  I've had amazing food in the humbled of places, and of course the street snacks are fantastic. It's always the sign of a proper Indian restaurant in UK if they have chaat on the menu.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by spesh on Today at 04:51:58 pm »
Don Quixote - Nik Kershaw
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by rafletcher on Today at 04:49:23 pm »
Windmills of Your Mind - Dusty Springfield
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