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I'm getting the, albeit subjective, impression that component of choice 'OoS' with online retailers is more & more common.  Trying to get a few items for a frame project & am not after latest kit admittedly, so there's possibililty of a discontinued element but an awful lot is of 'out of stock'.   Perhaps it is a combination of 'COVID' cycling increase, & now 1 month+ into Br*xit...

Anyone else / thoughts?

Hot Flatus:
LBS told me they hadn't been able to get any bikes for months

It's covid+ brexit

Chris S:
Mostly Covid, from what I overhear from the resident supply chain specialist (although she has had some intense brexit-related issues). The worldwide container shortage is a biggie. And a paper shortage.


Lots of out of stock on the continent too.

Feels like i got the last set of Di2 Hydraulic brake levers based on how hard it was to find a set...


We've had cardboard lead times shift from 5 days to 8 weeks. That'll hit companies with bespoke packaging (ie for protecting delicate parts in transit) pretty hard.
Container availability is down more than 20% - they're in the wrong place and not moving as they should.
Transport costs massively up, 30% in some cases.
Brexit, natch.
Covid, random operational shut downs due to isolated outbreaks.
Warehouses full and therefore expensive, with stuff not moving.

All fuel to the inflationary fire. It's coming for us.


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