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Apologies for the annoying advert in the middle of it, but I just stumbled across this and I want one.  Not sure if it has been spotted or discussed in here yet.

A home built (or converted) hubless and spokeless fat tyred bike.

It only has one brake and it’s the wrong side of a chain tensioner. Ergo when you brake the tensioner binds or snaps off and you have no brakes.

No wonder the test videos are short, slow and all in a flat park.

By all means get one NC.

Just because that particular one has design flaws doesn't mean that the next one won't.

It's the whole hubless idea that I'm attracted to.

Mr Larrington:
Wonder what it's like descending Suicide Hill at 60 mph?

So needs tyre levers and a couple of spanners to fix a flat.


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