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Dissertation Research help- Chance to win £25 Halfords Voucher


Calling all UK cyclists! Chance to win £25 Halfords for dissertation help
Your help is needed in completing a 10 minute online survey regarding your cycling habits and motivations and how these have been affected through the COVID-19 pandemic.
There will also be a chance to win a £25 Halfords voucher amongst completion of the survey.
The purpose of this survey is for a masters dissertation at the Institute of Transport at the University of Leeds.
Please click the link below that will lead to the survey. All data will be kept confidential.

This survey doesn’t recognise indoor and outdoor cycling. A key effect of Covid is possibly a change in the individual’s ratio between the two.

These seem to show up quite often.  It's interesting that they find yacf, which I thought was a bit niche (I would have expected bikeradar, CUK and British Cycling, but yacf?).

6th hit on google for "cycling forum"


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