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We don't seem to have one of these, strangely. So I'll start one...

Yesterday morning I saw a man on a fairly old but semi-decent, way too small - his thighs might reached horizontal at their lowest - red bike with a.... Ever Ready Night Rider front lamp! Remember those? I had one, with the super bright ultra-radium bulb, but this was the bog standard model - you can tell by the colour of the casing.

Funnily enough, you've just reminded me of driving past a young lady yesterday.  She was cycling (on the pavement) on what appeared to have been a decent bike at some stage in its dim and distant past.  Step-through frame, looked like a single-speed til I noticed a very odd-looking very retrofitted white cable going to the back hub-which was filthy and rusty. The frame said it was a Phillips, so that would confirm the "elderly" rating I gave it, having Googled it.

Ooooh, our elderly neighbour gave us a Phillips way back in the 80s. She'd had it since new in the 50s. It was a big chunky frame with bolted-on seat stays, black with red and yellow (could have been white?) lining on the tubes and mudguards. Single speed, rim brakes - very ineffective, big, shiny, "all-rounder" bars in one-piece with the stem, and even a wicker basket. Lovely, but not what I'd choose to ride on the edge of the Cotswolds - luckily I was young enough not to be bothered back then!

I recently built a new pair of wheels for my MTB as the rims on the old ones looked rather worn.  Having done so there's always the nagging doubt that there was nowt wrong with the old ones.  There's only one way to find out so it took a while to persuade myself to do it.  What does the panel think?

It is a smidge under 22mm at the widest point.
The replacement rear got some bedding in, the new front wheel was less than 24 hours old when it set out on a weeks thinning from Oxenholme to Berwick on Tweed.

Looks thin, but how much has been worn?


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