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Rides and Touring / Re: Have you been out today?
« Last post by The Family Cyclist on Today at 06:30:52 pm »
Second biggest ever ride today. Local charity ride called ride for Helen (Rollinson) and as started in next village made sense to cycle there

Weather forecast was absolutely awful but for most the ride was actually thinking I may need suncream although this may have been skewed by the yellow light enhancing glasses i wore.

Lovely route out from Hatfield Peverel to Takeley then a loopnround into Finchingfield and back via weathersfielsd. Almost all on quite roads with just one busy one. Few idiot drivers but not helped by an idiot cyclist who held us all up on the climbs and then raced past us on the downs before stalling going up again.

Few unusual sights including several penny farthings, a recumbent trike and someone on a shorter ride on a uni cycle.

One of the highlights was after stopping to answer the call of nature towards the end came back on the road having let my friends carry on as one was struggling a bit. Then had a couple of Ks chasing down riders on the shorter route as I chased my friends. Then got in behind a car which I used to pace myself back to my buddies

105km for the organised ride and the ride there and back gave me 123KM which is the furthest I have done for a long while. Was also really nice to ride some new roads 

We got fairly lucky with the weather but did get drenched near the end in a torrential shower. Were also a huge amount of visitations in the first 15 or so miles. The roads were wet but still an awful lot. Was glad to be on 35mm tyres
Further and Faster / Re: Zwifting - I think I need help!
« Last post by drossall on Today at 06:30:07 pm »
So there I am on the fourth lap up Box Hill, and I realise that I'm ripping the pedal out of my left crank. "That's OK", I think, "plenty more bikes in my Zwift garage." But all the ones I tried had the same issue. Think they've got a quality-control problem there!

Which left me wondering what to do. Abandon, when I've finally mostly completed the London Half Pretzel, or pedal round the rest on one leg. The sane thing to do is obvious. And then there's what I did...
Audax / Re: 200 women riding 200km
« Last post by LittleWheelsandBig on Today at 06:28:17 pm »
As a bloke, I won’t be riding the brevet or an analogue but quite a few women enjoy riding with women, so why not let them do it? There are plenty of other brevets that HK and I can ride together. I understand the brevet was proposed by an ACP woman, so I guess the name and concept was acceptable to her.
OT Knowledge / Re: Knickers
« Last post by hellymedic on Today at 06:28:02 pm »
I said goodbye to one of my 1984 BHS pairs last night. The hole was getting too big.
Needle and thread? Patch? :thumbsup:

No good if the fabric around the hole has worn thin and seams might cause painful chafing.

I had to be brave... :'(
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: WFH rejig
« Last post by chrisbainbridge on Today at 06:26:33 pm »
I want a house like that.  Ground effect heat pump Passivhaus. Perfect.  In the house we built we had doors like that on the kitchen/dining, lounge and our bedroom. Even in winter there was enough light for us to feel well and part of the garden.  In the summer it was a single space from house to garden and back.
The Pub / Re: Weather forecast
« Last post by asterix on Today at 06:24:26 pm »
Was driving along the main road near Howden when the heavens opened and the road was literally flooded in no time. 30mph was too fast for the conditions.  A gaggle of cyclists was caught in it, I did not envy them.

A mile and a half further on to the west and the road was completely dry. 
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by orraloon on Today at 06:19:51 pm »
It Wasn't Me  ~  Shaggy

couldn't resist the obvious (child)
OT Knowledge / Re: Battery charging and flashing LED
« Last post by Diver300 on Today at 06:17:12 pm »
Can you measure the charging current?

Is the voltage measured when charging or when not? Is it possible to measure both? If the voltage is above about 3.5 V, there shouldn't be more than about 0.1 V difference between no load and slow charging.
The Knowledge / Out of touch - lighting
« Last post by Davef on Today at 06:16:54 pm »
I am big fan of the cateye volt 800 though they seem to have sky rocketed in price recently. They are usb rechargeable but the cartridge battery unscrews so you can have a couple for long rides and/or replacing as they age.

Oh and you can use the spare battery to charge a flat garmin / phone.
The Dark Side / Re: Sun ez3 stolen
« Last post by cycleman on Today at 06:15:33 pm »
I informed that I had recovered it and some children said they had seen police speaking to the boy in the previous evening. The police had however not shown the slightest interest in looking for it so I don't see any point in pursuing the matter. I am just glad that we have got it back  :)
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