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Audax / Re: Random audax questions
« Last post by LittleWheelsandBig on Today at 04:09:56 pm »
Something that just came up on Facebook ...

Where did the idea of a fixed set-of-checkpoints (or fixed route ) come in/from? As opposed to merely a fixed distance betwixt Dawn And Dusk. Was it purely an Henri Desgrange idea?

I've flicked through the usual historical documents, and we seemed to leap from this:
THE IDEA OF AUDAX was first formulated in 1897 in Italy. One had to swim, run, walk, or cycle a set distance in 14 hours which was approximately the time between sunrise and sunset. The distance to be covered by cycling was 200 kilometres.

... to this ...

IN 1904 Henri Desgrange - the managing director of the magazine Auto visited Italy and was so impressed with the idea that he produced some regulations. These Audax regulations formed cyclists into groups, each with its captain, which stayed together for the entire ride. This method of riding is known today as Euraudax.
Now I'm not even sure if the Desgrange regs did specify fixed route? Can someone confirm?

The first Audax Italiano rides were point-to-point, ridden as a group with a captain setting the pace of the group to complete the route within the allowable time. The first French Audax brevets were much the same but more formalised and with loop courses becoming the norm. The routesheets had specific times at each turn, which would be difficult to do withouot a fixed route. The routes were along the main roads (with the best surfaces to ride on ) and were generally the shortest distance between those points. If there was a problem, it was the captain's responsibility to reroute the group around the problem. I think that the modern understanding of a mandatory route matches the historical format pretty well.
The Pub / Re: The KFCopalypse
« Last post by mrcharly-YHT on Today at 04:01:54 pm »
We should be sympathising with the company.

It isn't because they have run out of chicken. It is because DHL can't manage to deliver to the stores. 750 stores have received slips through the doors "we were unable to deliver your pallet of frozen chicken, because nobody was at home to sign for the parcel"
Audax / Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Last post by tonyh on Today at 04:01:40 pm »
the half way point would be my home address... not sure if that is an issue or not...

Definitely not a problem for validation.

(You need to avoid riding the same sections of road in the same direction, as much as reasonably possible; small sections are ok.)

[Disadvantage (perhaps): you won't reach such excitingly distant places!]
Audax / Re: Salisbury get together 17th February 2018
« Last post by postie on Today at 04:00:17 pm »
Great weekend, 212miles done, great weather and a great night in Salisbury with many friends.  :thumbsup:
The Pub / Re: The KFCopalypse
« Last post by robgul on Today at 03:58:53 pm »
... never ventured into a KFC but my understanding was that the "chicken" was extruded from the raw material on site ?

I have driven past 3 in S Brum today and all had the car park barriered off - presumably no stock.

On The Road / Re: Matt LeBlanc is an arse
« Last post by Eccentrica Gallumbits on Today at 03:58:48 pm »
All of them and Simon LeBon.
He's more likely to toot the horn on his yacht.
Audax / Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Last post by Ian H on Today at 03:57:51 pm »
First event of the year: a 235k DIY (well, 201 was the actual event) round the badlands of North Devon. 
The Pub / Re: Earthquake !
« Last post by Torslanda on Today at 03:49:08 pm »
You are in the thoughts and prayers of the people of FurryBootToon at this difficult momment.

It has taken a few moments of interweb research to discover something which has been puzzling me for a while.
And that thing is 'WTF is FurryBootToon' all about?  ;D :thumbsup:

Once you've cracked that one, work on the stage name of the lead singer of the Rezillos.

The guy who's into Indian motorcycles...?
Freewheeling / Re: Forumite spotting
« Last post by Feanor on Today at 03:49:01 pm »
That was indeed me.

That was the gillet I got from Charlotte OTP earlier in the week.
It's inaugural outing.

Because I'd messed up the cassette, I lost the middle gears which forced me into either too low or too high a gear most of the day!
I was also cheating a wee bit as I was the only person with aerobars that I noticed.
I find that being on the areo extensions suits pushing a slightly higher gear anyway.

Glad you enjoyed your day out.
Audax / Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Last post by postie on Today at 03:48:21 pm »
Riders who do 600km diys often come back home for a overnight stop, so it really is not a issue.
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