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We were on top on Sunday morning; only our two Moultons sighted. Once was enough for this little black duck. We'll be hitting the trains home today.
Velo Fixe / Re: Spoke choice
« Last post by LittleWheelsandBig on Today at 03:21:46 am »
I thought the spokes were the same price?
Rides and Touring / Re: Getting Bike To Europe
« Last post by Charlie Polecat on Yesterday at 11:56:35 pm »
Thanks Karla and Little Wheels, I read you comments, called my favourite bike shop and they will keep a box for me that their bikes come in, so free!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D

And I expect I will probably be able to do the same thing the other end.

Lots of bubble wrap, got it.  :thumbsup:
Food & Drink / Re: Beer!
« Last post by Pingu on Yesterday at 11:56:04 pm »
Cantillon Mamouche at 6 Degrees North  :P (£15 a pint, the bar manager said his boss had advised him to sell it at 50% more than that  ::-) )
Camping It Up / Gas stoves use in France?
« Last post by TPMB12 on Yesterday at 11:46:06 pm »
OK we use a gas conversion with a Trangia kit. Standard screw type as commonly used in the UK and other countries. France I believe like their own standard as supplied by camping gaz. They used to be puncture only cans but went to their own version of screw on cans I believe.

My question is whether the usual UK and a lot of the world are type of cans are available in France or whether we need to get a convertor to use our gas stove conversion? I doubt it's wise trying to carry enough UK gas cans to last a two week trip so what's the best option if this is an issue?
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Pedaldog on Yesterday at 11:34:02 pm »
Lady Linda - the Beach boys
Are you still sober after England's performance in today's footy, & are you sure you have the patience / tolerance for a full value rider???  ;)

I'm supposed to have a 'quiet' year. If my ACME Grand attempt goes pear shaped, then I probably enter the Buzzard event as a consolation.

Where The Wild Things Are / Re: Seen today
« Last post by fuaran on Yesterday at 11:10:56 pm »
A treecreeper, creeping up a tree.
And some sort of vole/shrew, running across the road, narrowly avoiding my wheels.
Rides and Touring / Re: Getting Bike To Europe
« Last post by Karla on Yesterday at 11:06:40 pm »
Forty dollars, really?  Bike shops are usually only to please to get rid of them.  I've scored free boxes in four countries, and only had to pay in one other - when the hire shops in Morzine had had flood damage and wanted to keep their voices for selling used bikes at the end of the season.  I still got one for 20 Euros though.
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