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Isadore Clothing - A first try.
« on: May 28, 2015, 10:32:09 am »
Designed by Peter Velits' brother, manufactured in Slovakia, look to be good quality (though I'm not taken by some of the colourways), a big enough range to cover most conditions. As I'm slimming down, I hope to have to replace all my ageing Assos gear (nothing is less than 8 years old, some -my favourite "Intermediate" jersey, a thin windstopper LS for instance - over 15 years old) later this year. Prices are reasonably sensible (albeit in Euro so will vary for UK purchasers) too, as it's not a fashionable brand like Assos, Rapha or Castelli (yet).
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Re: Isadore Clothing - Any users?
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Well, as a result of the BMC TTT victory in the Vuelta (Peter Velits riding for them) Isadore had a 10% off sale. So I took a chance on 2 jerseys at €70 each.  37% Merino, 60% Polyester and 3% Lycra.  Nice to feel, good quality construction, and sizing was spot on from their guide. All in all well please.
We are making a New World (Paul Nash, 1918)