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Kettwiesel gearing
« on: August 25, 2013, 11:48:27 am »
Apologies if this has been covered, I tried searching and couldn't find answers to my quest.

I have a 27spd Kettwiesel with standard gearing; 50,39,30 front 34-11 rear; however I find I'm running out of spinny gears for hill climbing.  When I bought my Kett I wanted to put a rohloff on it (still do when funds allow) but using various online gear calculators I'm not sure I'll have the spread of gears I need. I'm also keen to get rid of the rear mech as it's more exposed on the Kett than my ICE trike.  Probably still need a tensioner though.

I've read that tigerbitten has a rohloff with schlumpf drive (think its a schlumpf!) and auntie Helen has an alfine with triple front rings but if I'm not mistaken these are both on ICE trikes which have standard back wheel arrangements. The Kett needs to have 2 rings on the hub, 1 to drive the wheel, other to do the gear bit which links to the pedals. Rohloff do a hub with a special casing for the Kett, not quite sure how they do the Nexus option.

Does anyone have experience of getting a good 'sensible' spread of gears for hilly terrain using an internal hub on a Kett please.  Can the 2nd sprocket driving the rear wheel be customised in size, I'm assuming it does a 1:1 thing!?