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Re: Stupidly close pass by Bus.
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What a cock.

I've had that stunt pulled on me before, by a boy racer twunt in a chavmobile with a ridiculous pearlescent paintjob. The road was even narrower, and due to oncoming traffic, the right-turner had to come to a total halt, hence I also had to come to a total halt. And I was extremely thankful for my good brakes and even better reactions.

I didn't go after him, but since he was turning into a residential cul-de-sac, I assumed that was where he lived, so I thought I'd go back later, after dark, and take it out on his stupid car. Fortunately, I calmed down enough to think better of it before I had a chance to go through with it.

Oh, and when it happened, due to the narrowness of the road, I was trying to discourage overtaking by keeping well out from the kerb. So it goes to show, I suppose, that some twunts just won't get the message whatever you do.  ::-)

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Re: Stupidly close pass by Bus.
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Just had an email from the bus company.

Starts off with all the usual standard blurb about them being serious about safety and driver being dealt with etc etc. But then they ask if they can have an original copy of the video to use in their training at the depot. Looks like the depot manager is taking it very seriously.

All in all I think it's a decent result.

Thank you very much indeed for your email regarding the problems you’ve experienced with a First Eastern England driver.

I was really concerned to hear about your unsatisfactory experience with First Eastern England and am very sorry that you experienced poor driving standard from a First driver on the 02 June 2010.

All of our drivers, prior to going on the road, are assessed in terms of their driving competence and will spend time with a 'driving buddy' to familiarise with routes and ticketing enquiries. In addition to this, all drivers are constantly monitored to ensure their performance is in line with the high standards we set ourselves. Any drivers who fall below this standard will be re-trained and assessed in the driving school by our dedicated team of driving specialists.

The driver concerned was identified with the assistance of your feedback and appropriate action is being taken with a view to preventing any recurrence of this nature. Safety is of absolute paramount importance at First East England – our number 1 priority. Please be assured that we operate a very strong safe driving policy and record, whilst all our drivers are fully aware of the rules and regulations governing the area mentioned.  Those who do not abide with these are putting their licence at risk, which ultimately could cost their job.

Recently, we’ve implemented a 'Drive Green' initiative that highlights the vehicle's movements (e.g. braking and acceleration). Staff Managers and Operational Managers review these reports regularly and any appropriate action is then taken against drivers who fail this system.

We also analyse and actively discuss every incident relating to safety at a monthly meeting involving our Board of Directors so that we can ascertain the circumstances and ensure that our plans and processes are sufficiently robust to help prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.

Having viewed the video, the Depot Operations Manager has asked if it would be possible to provide a hard copy of the video so it can be used as a training tool for all other drivers at the Depot. if this is possible, please could you send a copy to the following address:

First Eastern England
Hadliegh Depot
35 London Road

On behalf of First, I thank you again for your comments and bringing these problems to my attention. I apologise that you have not found your recent experiences of First to be as positive as they should be.

Yours sincerely
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Re: Stupidly close pass by Bus.
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Yes, that's a result.  Well done.
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Re: Stupidly close pass by Bus.
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Excellent response, very encouraging. Congratulations to the bus company for their attitude.  :thumbsup:

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Re: Stupidly close pass by Bus.
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It is good news. 
I hate the idea of having to carry a camera on the bike, but I am now starting to think its way to go  :-\