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Re: National 400 2018
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I'd be very much in favour of re-running the 2000(or was it 2001?) National 400 (cracking route and scenery)

The 2015 edition, out of Dingwall, is probably my favourite Audax ride yet. I'd happily go back and ride that one again. However, with the dearth of potential commercial controls in the Highlands, I appreciate that it could only have been staged with the contribution of an army of superb volunteers.
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Re: National 400 2018
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I might offer to do it in 2019, though if the AUK reunion is going to be in Scotland in November, it would be hard to justify another trip to Alba so soon for many.   

IIRC The Kingdom Come 400 was the National 400 circa 2000 and is a fantastic ride thats not on the calendar these days.   

This could be tweaked into a "National friendly" event by moving the start to somewhere more easily reached by car or train than the current Dunfermline start for the perm version.  Nobody wants to go to Dunfermline.

The City of Stirling is an obvious choice - its virtually surrounded by motorways and now has a direct train service to many far flung places including London.

Tweaking the route to fit known and established control venues would be reasonably do-able

Look forward to your plan!

I wouldn't worry at all about where the reunion is held to be honest
That could work out very nicely. Stirling in Nov is very different from July, and attending the reunion might inspire riders to return the next summer  :thumbsup:

(incidentally - is part of Stirling Uni smack bang on the Daylight 600 final leg? I do vaguely recall passing something campus-like ... )
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