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Re: Wireless printer problem
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The point is that if a device only supports 2.4Ghz it wont even see the 5Ghz channel and will only connect to the 2.4Ghz one. In the WiFi hub/router thing these channels should be bridged by default so that a device connected at 2.4Ghz can talk to one connected at 5Ghz.

Several things could be going on here:

1) The WiFi hub/router may be set to punt all devices to the 5Ghz channel which would mean you printer would connect at 2.4Ghz then get get disconnect straight away as it doesn't support 5Ghz.

2) The WiFi hub/router may be set to to not bridge the channels then as the other device switched to 5Ghz they would lose connectivity to the printer.

Either way its almost certainly an issue with the WiFi hub/router as you don't talk directly to the printer its always PC -> Wifi hub / router -> Printer.

Edit: As Ian says unless its using ad hoc WiFi which you should never use as it's bonkers. Its only really for when you have something like a printer and a PC and no WiFi hub/router so they can talk directly. Then they need to be on the same channel.
I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that.