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Bike Friday Pakit Demo Ride
« on: 18 May, 2017, 04:03:07 pm »
Test rode Bike Friday's latest model. Included a general comparison with a titanium Brompton.
Big thanks to BFold of New York City for letting me play with their bike.  :thumbsup:
First time using a Bike Friday and Alfine IGh; both were super smooth:

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Great youtube video :)

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Thanks, glad I entertained you with my silly video.
I updated the video description:
Test ride of Bike Friday's latest model, Pakit. Alfine 11 speed IGH, belt drive. Big thanks to BFold of New York City for trusting me with their bike. I returned it in the same condition.
I included a general comparison with a 2013 Brompton S6L-X(titanium). Photos were taken with a Nikon COOLPIX series camera. On board videos were taken with a first generation Polaroid CUBE; not the latest Polaroid CUBE+.
0:01 Randall's Island, New York City
0:12 Unlock button; flip rear forward. Parked position.
0:18 Lower seat mast + seatpost, pull out stem mast. Quick fold.
0:23 Undo skewer, remove front wheel. May need to let air out of tires.
0:29 Pull out seatmast. Fold pedals. Deep fold, smallest dimension.
0:34 Midtown Manhattan spin; from 57th st. turning to 2nd av.
2:27 Side by side comparisons with a 2013 S6L-X(titanium/superlight).
2:51 Brompton weight; 6 speed with fenders & luggage carrier block.
2:56 Pakit weight, 11 speed IGH.
3:22 Inside a S & S backpack.
3:44 Heading south in Manhattan. 2nd ave turning to 13th st. going to BFold bikeshop.
6:09 Randall's Island, looking west.
6:27 Grand Central Station.

Full specs for both bikes, please let me know of any errors -
Pakit, as tested:
Main Frame/BF Model, Pakit HiTen/CroMo (Med 55cm TT) 980g
Seatmast type, Pakit CroMo mast 1.25 X .049 x 18." Blk 220lb limit 428g
Stem riser, Pakit 1 1/8" stem riser 15" CroMoly .035 Black 230g
Headset, 1 1/8" FSA, Black 99g
Fork, Pakit std Cromoly 1 1/8 Cro unicrown for Dual Pivot 435g
Frame - Rear-end, Pakit HiTen/CroMo 825g
Brakes, Origin-8 Classic Road Dual Pivot Brakeset 375g
Seatpost, FSA Gossamer Black - 27.2 X 350
Bottom Bracket, FSA 110.5 JIS Square Taper BB 300g
Crank Arms, Alloy single 170mm 130BCD 750g
Chainrings on crankset, Gates Carbon Drive Centertrack 60T 130BCD Sprocket (chainring) 185g
Chain, Carbon Drive belt, centertrack, 115 tooth (black)Gates 83g
Individual cogs, Carbon Drive, centertrack, 22 tooth cog for Nexus/Alfine 75g
Handlebars, BF Flat 48cm Polished 5degree Mod F bar 139g
Stem, Origin8 80mm 1 1/8" x 25.4 black 121g
Gear Shifters, Shimano Alfine 11 Rapidfire Shifter, Black 180g
Brake Levers, Cane Creek Cross Top canti/ caliper 26.0 brake levers 86g
Hub (Front Wheel), BF Alloy Front Quick Release Hub 36o 203g
Rims, Alex 24o w/ machined brake surfaces ETRTO 349 576g
Spokes, 24/wheel; stainless steel
Tires, Schwalbe Kojak 16 x 1 1/4" (349) 70-115 psi 460g
Inner Tubes, 16x1 3/8 SV (349), 16" , Schraeder valve 204g
Geared hubs, Shimano Alfine 11 36o Black centerlock disc 135 1700g
Saddle, Brooks C17 Cambium
Pedals, VP Folding pedals F2 400g
Kickstand, pakiT fold stand , bolt on 60g
Est. Price: US$2,400

2013 Brompton S6L-X, as tested:
Main Frame, Butt brazed, low carbon steel
Stem riser, butt brazed, low carbon steel
Headset, Brompton Head bearing set 1 1/8, ALUMINIUM
Fork, titanium
Frame - Rear-end, titanium
Brakes, Brompton dual-pivot calipers with Fibrax cartridge pads
Seatpost, H & H titanium - 31.6 X 600
Bottom Bracket, Brompton Sealed, square taper ISO type, 119mm spindle length
Crank Arms, Alloy single 170mm 130 BCD
Chainring on crankset, Shimano Dura Ace 39T 130BCD 10 speed
Chain, Shimano Ultegra 10 speed
Individual cogs, Brompton sprockets, 13T &16T for 6-speed
Handlebars, Brompton; aluminum alloy
Gear Shifters, Brompton thumb Shifters, Black
Brake Levers, Brompton Aluminum alloy
Hub (Front Wheel), Brompton superlight(2012)Alloy 28H
Rims, Double Wall 28H Aluminum alloy. ETRTO 349
Spokes, Sapim 28/wheel; stainless steel
Tires, Primo Comets 16 x 1 1/4" (349) 85 max. psi
Inner Tubes, Schwalbe AV4, 16" - 18" Schraeder valve
Derailleur (for 2/6 speeds): Brompton
Geared hubs, 3 spd Brompton wide ratio for 6 speed
Saddle, Selle Anatomica C series - full carbon
Pedals, Xpedo M Force 8 titanium clipless SPD type
Extra’s : Mudguards included, front luggage carrier block
Est. Price: US$3,500

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Test ride convinced me I need a Pakit. Order confirmed with Bike Friday; hoping 3 month waiting period is worth it.  :)
BIKE FRIDAY PAKIT TEST RIDE PART2 by 1nterceptor, on Flickr

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Congratulations! Would be very interested to know what you think of it after using it for a more extended period
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