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Unit 1 Aura, for you helmet experts out there
« on: 28 May, 2024, 11:48:25 pm »
I made a Youtube video link below please watch:

I subscribed to a Kickstarter for the above helmet and during the campaign helmet color and size were selected through a survey via email. They asked various questions regarding head circumference and shape, mine being 60cm and oval (US & Euro being generally oval and Asian generally round). After many delays the helmet arrived this week and I was thrilled to finally have it. It was nicely packaged and looked great. But that quickly changed when I put it on and tightened the retention system, the fit seemed way off and I thought how can this be happening when I'd told them my what my head shape was. Had they sent me the wrong helmet. There was no indication that they were going to try and produce only one helmet to fit all shapes. Afterall why bother asking what my head shape was I thought.

The helmet I had on was pressing very uncomfortably against my forehead when the MIPs retention band was tightened. I couldn't believe it. After all I don't particularly have a big head or a long narrow head. My existing helmet, a Bell Sixer 'L' size (Fasthouse) which is kitted out with Bontrager Ion & Flare cube lights (BTW fantastically bright day or night) is a great fit and goes up to 62cm and works with skull caps in winter.

So if my Bell Sixer 'L' (58-62cm) model can fit my head why can't the Unit 1 Aura 'L' which is (59-62cm)!! So I got my camera out took a photo and with a wavy hand sketched out the shape and measured. While I'm no helmet designer it's clear to me anyway the Aura seems to be designed with a bias for the Asian market. And then I noticed the retention system is designed differently to my Bell Sixer. In the Bell Sixer the tightening band tightens around my head i.e. sides and back whereas in the Aura it only tightens around the back of my head and as it does it forces my forehead uncomfortably against the shell but it's not tight against the sides.

Am I expecting too much from the desginers. Why on earth pin the retention system to the sides of the helmet?! I'd love to know what you think?