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I'm waiting for a new Brompton to arrive, the old one having been declared uneconomical to repair after 11 years near-daily use.
Curiosity demands that I ask what wore out?
Everything...  ;D
More accurately, the hinges were wearing out. I'm told that it is possible to repair the hinges by drilling them out and inserting bigger pins (I think I've got that right) but I also needed at least one new wheel (worn out rim) and there was rust in the frame and the thing where putting the seat down locks the frame was wearing out and other stuff - basically they didn't even bother listing it all for me because it would have come to about £700!

I've had a couple of £100+ (I think £300+ in one case) repair bills over the years. But it has been my daily mode of transport for all of that time. I think I've had my money's worth.

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Re: Six or Two ?
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I think the steepest incline on that route is on the south side of London Bridge.

Or the south side of Southwark Bridge, depending on which way you go.

Call me a pussy, but it's Vauxhall bridge for me.

I wimped out at The Elephant and Castle roundabout, what a big Jessie.

Anyway, I found the Kinetics website, ooooh!....Why did I look?


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Re: Six or Two ?
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Yeah, the Kinetics stuff is dangerous, as it does a spectacular job of classily addressing the core gearing and braking deficiencies of a Brompton.  But I'd only bother with that sort of thing if you have Proper Hills, a chronic case of OwMeKnee, or actually intend to tour on it.  You can get much more enjoyable bikes for that sort of money.

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Re: Six or Two ?
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There's no way, barring a win on the lottery, that I'd entertain purchasing such a machine, although I do admire the excellent workmanship.

A Brompton will only ever be a bike I would take on a train and cruise short distances around town on.

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For a moment I thought that was yours  ;D

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Re: Six or Two ?
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Well, I'm going for the 6 speed incase I feel the desire to venture further afield than my planned commute.

Next up is dynamo lights.

As it's a tarts bike, I've had thoughts about fitting a Son Edelux II in black, a Son rear rack light in black (which conveniently fits on the Brompton reflector bracket) and a Son XS slotted 28 spoke semi-radial dynohub in black on a black Brompton wheel.

I think that should be suitably smart and compliment the overall aesthetic.

What thinketh the gallery ?

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Sounds fine, though probably serious overkill for your stated use.

Buy yourself a spare headlight bracket, they're pretty much a consumable.

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If you can thoyle it, then I say go for it - a 6-speed Brommie with just that lighting setup is my dream spec, and the semi-radial hub is proper bike bling...