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Tim Hall

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SRAM Guide R sticky lever piston
« on: 15 May, 2024, 09:23:50 am »
The Pino is fitted with SRAM Guide R brakes. In hot weather the (nylon) piston in the brake lever expands and sticks, which can led to the brake binding on.  This is a known fault and I understand that when it was first discovered there was a swap out programme.  Current Guide brakes have a slightly smaller piston and don't suffer from this.

Having watched a handful of YouTube videos I'm now a world expert familar with the basics of dismantling the lever and either replacing the piston or sanding it down a few thou. The actual sealing against the hydraulic fluid is done by , umm, seals.  The trickiest bit of the whole operation seems to be getting a snap ring out but I've identified a cheap set of snap ring pliers from Screwfix that other people have used succesfully.

Has anyone on here attempted this? How much fun was it?
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