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Where The Wild Things Are / Re: Signs of Spring
« Last post by hellymedic on Today at 01:33:43 am »
There is a bluebottle buzzing round my kitchen.
I am a BAD GIRL.
A friend posted pictures of her barbecue on Facebook.
This included a large octopus.
I knew this would gross David out.
I downloaded a picture and had it on my screen just to wind him up...
The Pub / Re: The Grumble Thread - No energy for a full on rant.
« Last post by andrewc on Today at 12:44:26 am »
Grrrr.  I've booked a weekend in London in May for my mother & sister.   Aha, Says I.  I'll not book a train journey on the Bank Holiday Monday, that's when they like to do repairs.  So I booked the hotel from Sat 4th to Tue 7th May.  Just gone to book the trains & can't get tickets to Euston.  West Coast Main Line closed all weekend, planned to reopen on the Tuesday.  Looks like it's train to Paddington via Mordor & Reading on the way down.
GPS / Re: Charging a Bolt
« Last post by quixoticgeek on Today at 12:32:40 am »

I charge mine from a battery pack when I stop at controls, you can get a good 20-30% in about 15 mins at a control, if you stop for lunch, 30 mins will put plenty of charge in to complete a 300, even with back light on for half of it.

I have an extra mount on my stem for charging on the go if I really need to. With the mount I have on mine (hide my bell), there isn't enough space to fit in the right angle connector I have (I got a 90° right angle usb cable just for this purpose), but on the stem mount, it fits just fine. I've used it maybe 3 times in nearly 18 months. But it's really useful if it's not raining and you forgot to charge earlier in a ride, and you just want to top it up...

I wouldn't plug it into a dynamo, you'll knacker the battery. Use a battery pack.

GPS / Bolt Bluetooth woes
« Last post by quixoticgeek on Today at 12:26:19 am »

As of Friday my wahoo Elemnt Bolt has stopped working with my phone. It'll sync via wifi just fine, but it's unpaired itself from my phone and won't repair.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Any ideas of how to fix ?

Rides and Touring / Re: WEDNESDAY Night Northallerton and Environs Social Ride
« Last post by Deano on Yesterday at 11:35:59 pm »
We're in your hands, boab. I'll meet you at Phil's.

Do we get to go up Silton Woods? :D When you mentioned Osmotherley, I thought going via Boltby, High Paradise and the Drovers' Road would be awesome. Phil may have disagreed.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by canny colin on Yesterday at 10:58:19 pm »
Many Rivers To Cross ~ Jimmy Cliff
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Séamas M. on Yesterday at 10:42:07 pm »
Argyle Bridge - Steve Strauss
Rides and Touring / Re: Scottish advice
« Last post by bhoot on Yesterday at 10:39:41 pm »
Thanks for all the thoughts. Now to start planning: I fancy a bit of island hopping so the advice is very helpful.
The Uists are flat, but maybe a longer hop than you were considering!
Good to see you and ride with you again Anton;

entered!  :thumbsup:

FWIW I try to avoid Venta itself on most rides (apart from going to see son#2 when he lived there) as it's a bit of a traffic snarl up which can be easily avoided.
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