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The Pub / Re: Scorchio...
« Last post by Jurek on Today at 03:50:39 pm »
Just got back from visiting mum.
Chislehurst station all locked up. No notice of this earlier in the week. Thanks for that, Southeastern.
34.2°C on the shaded side of my shed.
The Knowledge / Re: Frame size - seat height
« Last post by vorsprung on Today at 03:41:50 pm »
Here is my so called bike fit guide

I don't really believe in the Specialized take on bike fit where they measure everything and do science.  Get the bike approximately right (the shop are probably going to give you the right sized bike), make some minor adjustments and then get used to the bike.  Having good flexibilty and core strength seems to be the key to "bike fit"

Fit to be on a bike and the fitting of the bike are both important.  Don't stress about the initial parameters
LEL 2022 / Re: DNF rate
« Last post by vorsprung on Today at 03:33:08 pm »

...but to start a ride like LEL with gears all over the place, worn tyres, crap brakes and fraying cables is just asking for trouble...

...I think this is a very interesting point. My very anecdotal impression was that there were some shocking machines on the road...

When I was helping a couple of LELs ago it was the same then

I think people are just optimistic
Batham's beer is a real treat...
The Knowledge / Re: Frame size - seat height
« Last post by nashd on Today at 03:22:55 pm »
I've found a video clip of me pedaling with a 783mm saddle height, and I think it looks fine.  At the time I had someone checking me out, and they confirmed my hips weren't rocking, and that leg angles looked okay.  I'm fairly adaptable, so I could probably get away with a lower saddle height, but as you say, 60mm difference, or thereabouts is a joke. 

The frame I was interested in is from an Italian builder, and from what I can tell the dealer I visited is their main UK prescence.  I've sent them a copy of the video to see what they say, but I'll admit I was surprised by the fit they recommended, and the haphazard way in which they went about it.  I did explain twice that it was going to be difficult for me to return and that I wanted to get measured up so that I could have confidence when ordering.  They didn't have any bikes or frames from the Italian builder in stock, so there was no opportunity to try them.  I don't have my heart completely set on this particular brand, and it just seems too risky to buy one unseen!
The Pub / Re: Scorchio...
« Last post by andyoxon on Today at 03:19:28 pm »
Already hotter than yesterday.  This is the last day, though.  Hoping for biblical thunderstorms tomorrow.

Can't remember the last time we had a decent thunderstorm here in Oxon.  [Thinks back to huge claps of thunder & rain hammering down on a corrugated iron roof in Africa]

Just been out to the shed hot box to look for a bike bit.  Gave up.  Quickly.
On 1st October, the South Salopian 208km Audax will set off from Belbroughton (Worcs) to circuit the finer parts of South Shropshire.

I recognition of those that rode the LEL and to its volunteers, enter the South Salopian and bring along or wear your jersey/top to the event and you will receive a free bottle of local Woodcote or Batham's beer.

For details and entry, go to the Beacon RCC webpage at

This event should be a doddle after your recent exploits. 

LEL 2022 / Re: shout out to ACME
« Last post by sizbut on Today at 02:59:37 pm »
I would argue the opposite, that the organisation has dumped them on the highway. If it weren't for LEL they wouldn't be there.
I am quoting Fidgetbuzz because he used the words "hopelessly out of time " not me.
The organisation has been happy to leave riders out on the road without any control support .
The plucky hero narrative is fine so long as no-one gets hurt.
Then it changes to  "Why did nobody stop them?"

What do you propose we do? Lasso them and herd them into pens for their own safety?

Daniel, I can't believe that you really typed that on a keyboard, looked at it and then clicked on "Post".
You win. If you can't see a safety and rider welfare issue here , then so be it.

And did you not actually read it? Notice those things called question marks. Let's hear your proposed answer.
The Pub / Re: Scorchio...
« Last post by Basil on Today at 02:59:15 pm »
I think I just heard thunder…

No sorry.  That was me.  :-[
The Sporting Life / Re: Southend Football
« Last post by Jaded on Today at 02:51:05 pm »
Or just the Gilbert & Rose stand. No need to mention that it's the West stand.

Following Hillsborough, all stands are required to have the geographical location in its official name.

You would never forget the 999 call for the ambulance at Hillsborough where it took several minutes to dispatch ambulances because caller was referring to stand and operator asking where it was.

Ah, interesting, and understandable.
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