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Where The Wild Things Are / Re: Signs of Spring
« Last post by hellymedic on Today at 01:38:09 am »
The Long Hot Summer of 1976 got off to a rather cool start, I believe...
Racing / Re: Giro 2021
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 11:57:50 pm »
Daily Heil readers are not generally renowned for being quick on the uptake.
The Knowledge / Re: Project Handlebar
« Last post by nikki on Yesterday at 11:55:03 pm »
Thanks for the photos, Brian!

I suspect I can guess the answer, but...
When you're mounting the shifters on the mounts, do you have any control over what orientation you put them on at? I'm looking at the second photo and thinking a lever at that angle away from the line of the bars would probably be quite a reach for my smaller hands, especially if I have to push/pull on the end to get required leverage. Centre-ing the sweep over the line of the bars might help. Maybe.

I'm just a bit hesitant about going bar end, because the handlebars for the build in question are very swept back and I'm imagining knee:lever interference.

(Might get an opportunity to hold things in about the right place over the bike this week to get a feel for if that would actually be the case or not.)

It's a tricksy business, isn't it!
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The Pub / Re: What have you fettled today?
« Last post by Tim Hall on Yesterday at 11:33:26 pm »
The cones on the front of the Pino looked a bit shagged, but finding replacements for a ParalLax hub was proving tricky. However, I managed to score an axle with hubs off Ebay (from Graham Weigh's shop) which looked like it might do the trick.

The weatherproofing isn't quite the same (split washers rather than rubber seals on the cone body) and I had to work out how to remove the press fit dust caps from the old cones (support the axle on a ring spanner and gently twat it with a Birmingham screwdriver). When I looked in my box of misc. ball bearings I was out of 3/16 ones, so cycled down to the grumpy LBS where they sell them loose. All back together, running as sweet as a nut.
We found this on a roadside. Anyone do nest ID?

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The Knowledge / Re: Jockey wheels
« Last post by FifeingEejit on Yesterday at 11:20:28 pm »
Bearing rather than bushing so marginally, I picked up a pair of ceramic bearing Ed aluminium boys years ago because they were on offer cheaper than the bus hinged nylon ones.
Only difference I noticed was in the wear rate

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OT Knowledge / Re: Battery charging and flashing LED
« Last post by Diver300 on Yesterday at 11:00:16 pm »
Those readings indicate that there's too little current to be measured. If the readings are correct, they would indicate a dead charger.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 10:59:55 pm »
No Tears For The Creatures Of The Night ~ Tuxedomoon
The Dark Side / Re: BHPC racing
« Last post by Kim on Yesterday at 10:54:09 pm »
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