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On The Road / Re: Cycling UK Trustee
« Last post by Wowbagger on Today at 01:55:14 pm »
Wot, ANOTHER election? ;)

I think you'll harness the Green vote on this forum, Graeme.
On The Road / Re: Cycling UK Trustee
« Last post by chrisbainbridge on Today at 01:45:36 pm »
I think you would have a ready made constituency here Graeme. I would certainly vote for you.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Proms 2024
« Last post by Wowbagger on Today at 01:32:24 pm »
I've just booked two tickets for 19th August - the St. John Passion. This year is the 300th anniversary of its first performance. I've sung in it before so know it pretty well.
MTB / Re: Mullet builds
« Last post by Russell on Today at 01:20:17 pm »
My road bike is a Mike Mullett!!??! ???
Freewheeling / Re: I carried this on my bicycle
« Last post by Russell on Today at 01:19:15 pm »
I recently Freegled a full size pram and the guy came round on a cargo bike to collect it.  He put the body on one side and the frame with two wheels off on the other side.  Daughter on a crossbar seat as well. Much impressed!

It was an Xtracycle conversion which I see they don't make anymore - that seems a shame.
The place I had lunch last Thursday has a rather cramped terrace.  Ever tried eating a coffee éclair with the odour of your neighbour's pickled herring pervading the air?
Health & Fitness / Re: Michael Mosley
« Last post by mrcharly-YHT on Today at 12:57:38 pm »
Good title for an article in The Irish News ..... 

'Death of Michael Mosley reminds us we will never know the ‘almost’ moments in our own lives.'

Something I have pondering on increasingly of late.
That is a very good point. I've had a few where I've had time to think "This could be it".

What happened to Dr Mosely probably meant he never reached that point of awareness.
I'm in a chain pub for lunch, waiting for my budget chain hotel room to be ready. Having a perfectly acceptable veg lasagne.
However, they've not quite got the hang of salad dressing. A small amount of salad is decorating a bowl of vinegarette.

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Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Computer retailers to trust?
« Last post by Pickled Onion on Today at 12:50:16 pm »
AMD apparently has lower power consumption, and you might want to consider this if you want to use it away from a power point.

Certainly the intel laptops they give us at work run hot enough to cook the proverbial egg on, you certainly wouldn't want to actually put one on your lap. When we take them to meeting rooms they generally run out of power in an hour.

I find this fairly shocking as my own lapdog is a Mac M2 which runs cool with no fan and a battery life of around 18 hours.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: What are you streaming at the moment…
« Last post by Arminius on Today at 12:32:23 pm »
Have scrapped the flux and trying out dysney+.
Anything non marvel on there?

Only Murders in the Building, Shardlake, Renegade Nell,...
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