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GT mtb request for identification/information please
« on: 05 October, 2022, 02:03:10 pm »

It would appear that I have said yes to acquiring this machine - don't know where I'm going to put it but the price was too good (those who know me know my habitual pricing for bikes!). It's been a while since I had anything to do with an mtb! I should add that I haven't yet seen it in the flesh but from what my daughter tells me it's a runner!

So can anyone tell me anything about this bike? Classic sort of GT frame design, cable discs and, from what I can read, Acera transmission probably 8sp (if I can count correctly but the photo with the sprockets is a bit blurred). I assume that the frame is alu and it has a big sticker saying GT California USA but other than that it was imported from the UK and left behind in the Creuse I know nothing about it. Don't think it's hot, that would be most unlikely!

All info greatly appreciated; I don't even know the tyre size!

Re: GT mtb request for identification/information please
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It looks to be GT Avalanche of some sort from around the mid noughties.

There have been so many variants and so many different colour schemes for so many different markets that it's almost impossible to date/identify it until you see it in person and you can Google the specs.

It's a sort of entry level/lower mid range bike. Perfectly capable for general off road use, but not really up to really serious stuff - the frame can take it, but I wouldn't expect the wheels to remain round for very long!

Hopefully the fork has been looked after. If it hasn't you're unlikely to be able to still get service kits, but as above, unless you're planning on riding it through super gnarly rock gardens on a regular basis, it should be fine ;D

I have one from 2011. All the bits that could break, have done over the last 10 years and I'm looking to replace it with something more modern, but it has served me well, as this should for you.
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Re: GT mtb request for identification/information please
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I finally got it home this afternoon. It appears to be called an Agressor XCR. The bits are low-end, SR Suntour chainset like I bought new in 2008, Suntour forks that pogo (not so nicely) but I have a set of replacements in the garage. Tektro discs (I haven't yet checked the calipers) which aren't worn at all. I haven't checked the transmission either. 8 speed. And I think the bars are well wide!
Nothing appears seized so far!

ETA: It's an Agressor XC3 which was an Avalanche rebadged for marketing by Halfords. The 3 was the entry level, the 1 seems to have been reasonably well-considered. It weighs a ton, so much heavier than Phil's Rockhopper Geral which is a hardtail that must be a decade older. That's progress! The GT appears to date to about 2009 (there's what I take to be a production code starting M09, as well as the serial number and the components are about that vintage).
It needs a lot of penetrating oil, the cables are rusting, a cable adjuster on the rear caliper is well seized, the front mech isn't moving freely enough to get the granny ring and I'm sure the chain will need replacing (probably cassette, maybe chainset as well). The good points - the frame has rack and mudguard eyes.

It may be worth the €0000.00 that I paid for it but perhaps not a lot more!

That's all