Author Topic: Family backpacking tent options?  (Read 2284 times)

Family backpacking tent options?
« on: 09 March, 2023, 07:04:58 pm »
Family consists of two adults,  one 10yo and border terrier. I'm thinking of an overnight trip hopefully leading to a backpacking week for summer. We've loads of options that we're spoilt for choice. I wondered what the more experienced wild campers on here reckon would be the best option.

We have our cycle touring tent,  a 4 season helsporr 3 man tunnel tent with extended porch weighing 3.1kg and very small pack size.

I like my ul tarp and bivvy option sub kilo i think. If I take this the others can use a small tent out of the following...

My partner's lightweight vango or force 10 supposedly 2 man tent at about 1.5kg

We have a 2 plus kg 2 man vango that's a decent size for two plus dog and bags but not as compact.

I think we have other tents that I can't remember. One is a force 10 single skin 2 man.

I think the 3 man first option makes the most sense but I'm a fan of my tarp / bivvy combo. Withstood a force 6 on top of a lakeland fell once so very weather resistant when pitched sensibly.

Any advice on wildcamping / backpacking with kids and dog?