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Tandem Touring Tyres
« on: 07 June, 2023, 09:08:32 am »
I'm needing to replace the 26" tyres on our touring tandem before heading off to France this summer. We've been using Marathon Supremes for the last few years, and have been happy with them. However we don't shy away from gravel paths and outright speed isn't our thing. So I was thinking of replacing them with Marathon Greenguards but have noticed that Schwalbe have intoduced the Energizer Greenguard. The Energizer is almost exactly the same weight and has the same load carrying capacity as the Marathon (26x1.75). Schwalbe also rate it as have less rolling resistance so it sounds like a winner. (I suspect it is the same carcass as the Marathon but with a different tread). Does anyone have any experience of using either of these tyres on a tandem. I would be interested in any comments.

Re: Tandem Touring Tyres
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I think that the Energizer range are for E-bikes.

Harder wearing tread.

Might make them suitable for a tandem.
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