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Audax Fixed Wheel Points
« on: 01 November, 2023, 02:28:34 pm »
Hi all,

As we slide seamlessly into a new season, this is the time when I request all those who have achieved points on fixed wheel during the year just ended and who have not already done so, to let me have their points claims for that season. It will be helpful if you will add which rides have been done on fixed to enable me to confirm you are claiming everything to which you are entitled.  As ever, in case of query or difficulty, please contact me directly (off-list).  E-mail is preferable to snail mail unless your card needs validating – no point in risking these valuable items in the mail unnecessarily.

Please send these figures promptly; the usual time constraints to identify the trophy winners this year will again clearly not apply, but the table will be published in Arrivée, so there will be a time limit of no later than 1st December.

This urgency also applies to members riding end-of-season permanents who should submit their cards promptly to their organiser.  (No doubt that as of last weekend, John Ward, the Perms Sec was as up-to-date as he could be.)

Although my interest is in the listings for the members on fixed, this appeal also applies to those members on niche machines – tandems, trikes, recumbents and any combination thereof.  Those claims should be sent to the Club Recorder, Dan Smith also within the month

Thanks in advance for your co-operation and assistance.

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