Author Topic: Grunhilda was getting a bit 'chirpy'  (Read 1023 times)

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Grunhilda was getting a bit 'chirpy'
« on: 22 February, 2024, 12:45:59 pm »
You know the score, the idler pulley rubbers on the GTE disappeared long ago, and the chain clatters against the plastic pulley. slowly digging into it and trying to make teeth out of it.  Yes you can get a special toothed idler pulley from T cycle, but actually getting one without having to cut off a limb, is difficult. DADAH!!  a solution.

We had someone stay a while back, who sold and repaired Kirby vacuums, thos 50's style ones from over the pond, and he left behind some spares. Amongst them was some drive belts........ :thumbsup:, ah, so I cuts one in half, width wise, I does, with a sharp blade, so I now have two thinner ones. I then takes off thee pulley, cleans it, turns the thin belt inside out so the knurled bit is outermost, and stretches it over the pulley, Well it fits good and tight, and is very thick rubber. The difference is amazing. Just googled, and they are about £7 for 3, (that's 6 when sliced in half) , and I's well chuffed , I is.


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Re: Grunhilda was getting a bit 'chirpy'
« Reply #1 on: 22 February, 2024, 01:08:18 pm »
Theorising that the elastomer of the SMGT drive-side idler was a segment of PVC hose, I trawled the internets until I discovered a marine fuel hose of the appropriate dimensions.  It wasn't entirely ideal, as steel reinforcements made it difficult to cut into a neat shape, but it did the job well enough and lasted about 18 months a piece before becoming significantly tatty.  Then the frame cracked and it became academic.

Terracycle only make a proper replacement for the SMGTe's idler, which is of a different design.  Though I note that spares for both are listed in the HPVelotechnik catalogue, at HPVelotechnik prices.

As I have a GTe on order, and some Kirby belts in the cupboard with the Kirby, this is a bodge that's likely to become useful in future.