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Acromium fracture mending tips
« on: 08 June, 2024, 05:53:37 pm »
Of course I want to progress back to full fitness ASAP whilst keeping busy.
Call from NHS today, wear a full arm sling, do some wrist/foream movements every 2 hours.
Don't lift anything heavier than a coffee cup full I presume, on the injured side?
Soo.. can I use my right good arm/hand as far as resonably comfortable?
I'm not riding a bike of course, but carrying n'stuff
Right handed typing this (my non dominant hand)
Sling makes my shoulders ache :-(
2 week in it then consultation followed by physio

Re: Acromium fracture mending tips
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Ah, a scapula fracture.  It’s 17 years since I broke my right scapula, both clavicles, and six ribs.

 What I remember is I was given strength and mobility exercises. They mostly involved running fingers up a wall stretching the shoulder joint , towels and broom handles behind and in front and raising both arms up and down and side to side as far as I could three times a day. Rotational exercises. To regain range of motion in shoulder.   I might still have the exercise sheets in a drawer somewhere.

The thinking from my orthopaedic consultant was to get me mobilising as soon as possible. Else the soft tissues don’t mend in correct alignment and you end up with a weaker joint and reduced range of motion.


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Re: Acromium fracture mending tips
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Hope you’re better soon!
Of course, you can do anything you like with the uninjured side!
Suggest you rest the injured shoulder as advised.

The acromion is the bony knobble at the outer corner of the shoulder. It’s joined to the outer extremity of the clavicle here, with ligaments that are needed to maintain shoulder stability, especially when carrying weights and raising the arm overhead..

Damage is quite common, following a fall onto the shoulder. Severe damage and separation, leading to instability, are sometimes treated with a screw, to hold the complex together.

Re: Acromium fracture mending tips
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I'm assuming your fracture is not wildly displaced so as not to involve surgical intervention - or else [one would hope] they would have intervened by now. I'm amazed at how opinions between surgeons can differ as to the treatment of fractures around this part of the body sometimes.

One of the biggest issues with fractures like this is managing your psychological responses. If you're somebody, like yourself, that is used to being active, and can easily think that you can 'push' recovery, it's not easy to strike a balance between rest/ immobilisation and doing the right thing, namely exercises that have been suggested to you as a way forward. Time spent being conservative at this stage could well pay dividends down the line....hopefully!
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Re: Acromium fracture mending tips
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Good advice, ^^


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Re: Acromium fracture mending tips
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Yes ^^^

When I broke my right clavicle in two places and the hospital finally conceded that A&E couldn't count further than one, the break they'd missed had already begun to knit but the ends were overlapping so the bone was going to be 2cm shorter.  The ortho surgeon told me they could break it again and plate it. I was impatient to get back on the bike so I said nah, I'll live with it.  I've been wishing for the last 22 years that'd told them to go ahead.
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Re: Acromium fracture mending tips
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Has it been pinned? You don't mention it so I presume not. 15 years since mine was broken and TBH I only remember the discomfort of the pin, and then the scar, under any sort of weight (eg small backpack). I don't recall a sling or anything (but then I was bedbound with other injuries for a month, which clearly doesn't apply) so, not much use I'm afraid.
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Re: Acromium fracture mending tips
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no pinning conservative treatment. I suppose in two weeks when I see the consultant there will be an assesment of how well that is progressing.
I'm just going to have to be very careful.