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Dragging the tone down a bit from all these pretty shiny things upthread, here's my not-so-new hack bike, because it's been far too long since I had something I'd happily leave locked up in town, and I don't do any other cycling these days so thought I might try some gentle utility trips as a way back in.

It's a Raleigh Gemini 6 from the mid-1980s. The paintwork is in a much worse state than it looks (nail polish and reflective tape hide a multitude of sins) but it's 531 frame. I've just been installing racks (plural, because why not?). Gear fettling is an exercise to be left for another day.

It reminds me a bit of my late, lamented early '90s Raleigh Pioneer, though that was 501 and not a step-through frame (it was purple, however; sadly, I discovered that the bottom bracket threads had gone, and the bottom bracket had been riveted in; it eventually got donated to a bike recycling place in Glasgow. I do miss that bike, though - I liked the simplicity of it, and this is similar in many ways).

Edit: yes, that fork-mounted front light is at a stupid angle, and will be corrected.

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Re: Members' bikes
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I like this.  It looks comfortable, practical, but unlikely to attract theft.
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Re: Members' bikes
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This, OTOH:

My newly-electrified Trek. 15 kg.

The carbon frame amplifies the motor noise, though - the eBrute, with the same motor, was much quieter.
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Re: Members' bikes
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The paintwork is in a much worse state than it looks
It is very pretty.


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Re: Members' bikes
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The Ted Jim Bundy track bike this morning.  Yes, it's a bit too small for me and it needs that Zenith super-long quill, but I never have a bad ride on it.

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